Let’s Go Fishing!

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The time we’ll all been waiting for has arrived! We got the green light for re-opening and our fishing operations will begin this week, just in time to get offshore for some tuna and yellowtail fishing. Thank you for your patience while we waited until we had something to report, and now we suggest that all passengers review these two documents so you can see how we plan to keep you safe with us aboard Searcher. Some things will feel different, but the fishing, crew and our vessel will feel just like you remember.

Procedures for Passenger Safety

Passenger Information on Covid-19 (signature required at check-in)

We have scheduled some open-party trips through Fishermans Landing here:  Fishermans Landing trips on Searcher

For these trips, the landing does all the booking, check-in, and their payment and post-Covid procedures apply.

We will reach out to all anglers booked for our 2020 season just as soon as we can. Land crew are still working remotely. Thank you for your patience!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Searcher!

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Happy 50th Anniversary, Searcher!
It has been 50 years on the water. Filled with smiles and fish. How many fish have hit the deck in 5 decades? We don’t know, but there’s so much more to celebrate.
  • All the smiles on faces.
  • Excitement, challenges, and sporting fun.
  • Skills put to the test.
  • Family and friends moments shared.
  • Respect gained for ocean’s creatures.
  • Careers made and teamwork in action.  

To celebrate 50 years of fishing we put together a video of some of our favorite memories and angler submissions. We are so grateful for each and every angler that comes aboard. You are all members or our Searcher family. All the years and all the memories are what keeps us going. We love fishing and we love sharing our passion with you. Here is many more years on the water. Happy Birthday Searcher! Searcher pride, respect for the platform, and dedication to the craft passed down from first owners, Bill and Ingrid Poole. We are so happy to be her caretakers now at the beautiful age of 50. Step on board and you are part of the Searcher family!


Congratulations Ryan!

2020-04-30T10:51:01-07:00May 2nd, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, News|

🎉Congratulations🎉 to our crewman Ryan Lindahn is now Captain Ryan!

Ryan received his 100-ton US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner’s License recently and we are super proud. ⚓He worked hard and achieved his goal of pursuing his career on the ocean.🌊

Captain Ryan will be joining our other captains: Art, Kenny, Mike and Armando in all the same great customer service on deck, but stepping up to more captain duties as well!

🎉Congratulations🎉 Captain Ryan!

Safety reassurances from Team Searcher

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The passenger-carrying vessel community sustained a devastating loss this month when a fire on the dive boat Conception resulted in a tragic loss of lives—a horrific event for passengers, families and the entire boating community. Investigations are on-going and we stand ready to learn what we can from this tragedy.

For the present we want to reassure Searcher Sportfishing passengers that our rigorous safety standards are in place as usual. Be assured that our captain will review all safety precautions aboard Searcher during the presentation upon departure including:

  • identifying our trained crew as your point of contact
  • demonstrating all boat and below-decks exits in the event of an emergency
  • describing fire-fighting procedures
  • identifying location of all smoke detectors
  • reviewing of all state-of-the-art safety equipment.


All such announcements and demonstrations are required by US Coast Guard, as are regular drills and inspections of all mechanical and safety items. As a SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) vessel, Searcher is held to a rigorous level of safety requirements (including for fire detection, protection and extinction), including life-saving and life-preserving equipment due to the fact we are permitted to operate international departures.

We know concern is at an all-time high and plan to ensure everyone stays safe while traveling with us. Please contact our office if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your trust!

The Fred Hall show is only 2 days away!!

2019-03-05T10:36:47-08:00March 5th, 2019|Capt Art's Blog, News|

Searcher Sportfishing have donated a 1.5 Day trip to our 2019 to Coastal Conservation Association of California (CCA CAL) Premium Target Raffle at The Fred Hall Shows. Capt. Art gives a brief run down of the raffle and the prize we donated. There are tons of great prizes and all the proceeds go to a great cause. Come by the CCA CAL booth and pick up a Raffle ticket. Also come by and say hi to us at the Fred hall show. (March 6- 10th)

BIG news from Accurate Products!

2017-11-17T12:37:46-08:00November 17th, 2017|Capt Art's Blog, News|

Pro-staffer from Team Accurate, Gary Gillingham, had an opportunity to fish with a top-secret prototype reel on Searcher‘s last trip to Guadalupe Island on the 6-day Accurate Fishing and Seeker Rods open charter.

Here’s the story in Gary’s own words:

I had a chance to fish the new Accurate Valiant (BV 800) prototype reel on this trip.
I caught both a 133# yellowfin tuna and a 34# yellowtail on the reel! The reel was very smooth and cast like a dream with 100# braid and 80# top shot.


Anglers can look forward to fishing this reel for yourselves soon!


Trip 33 Ultra Limited Load Guadalupe Special is off and running!

2017-11-04T11:25:25-07:00November 4th, 2017|Capt Art's Blog, News, Uncategorized|

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Our 14  passengers were able to sidestep the eager Tackle Day crowds at Fisherman’s Landing today and boarded Searcher for their 6-day ultra limited-load “Guadalupe Special” trip! These lucky anglers will have lots of room at the rail and personalized assistance from our knowledgeable crew as they fish this exciting destination! We will post every trip report HERE – stay tuned!

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