Happy Anniversary, Searcher!

May 24th, 2024|Captain Mike's Blog, News|

54 years ago, our beautiful vessel was launched in Newport Beach, CA by her builders, Bill and Ingrid Poole. What a proud moment that was, as the Cape Polaris entered the water after a year of construction, thus starting a new era of long-range sportfishing. How proud we were to continue that tradition!

I like to post on May 24 every year to share our Cape Polaris/Searcher Pride, and this year, I wanted to include a message of huge gratitude to all our followers and customers. The new team has taken over posting and so this will be my last.

I remember the first 100 Facebook followers in 2011 (now 9,000 followers) and the first dozen Instagram followers in 2015 (now 11,400 followers) like it was yesterday. We felt joy with every new connection we made, and the challenge to create content that would grow our audience. 

We love the Poole family photos/memorabilia, like the Cape Polaris launch party photo featured in this post.

And in our first instagram posts (below), you can see we always liked posting photos of our beautiful Searcher, happy departure photos, fun marketing schemes, and anglers with a nice catch.

Thank you for making it a really great run! #capepolaris #1970proud #hooklineandsearcher

Captain Art (who never once posted, though we wanted you to think otherwise) and your OG land crew forever, celia

NEW! Parking Update

May 22nd, 2024|Captain Mike's Blog, News|

Note from Team Searcher:

There are two different owners of the lots surrounding our landing which can lead to confusion. We suggest you park in an ACE parking lot and pre-pay for your parking at an ACE parking lot pay station (or use app). The ACE fee is $14/day.  Most of their spots are numbered. Then look for the ACE parking logo on the pay station nearest your spot.

if you park in the non-ACE lot, make sure to pay at their pay station (no ACE logo on them). They have different pricing, and their spots are labelled “Paid Parking.” Those lots do not have a business name OR phone number to contact them if you have a dispute.

Examples of ACE parking spots, pay stations, and signs:

Ace Parking Sign

Ace Parking Payment Kiosk

Ace New Prepaid Parking Program

Sportfishing Parking Press Release (Received via Fisherman’s Landing)

The Port of San Diego has been working with San Diego Sportfishing and other neighboring businesses to address parking policy, add more parking spaces, and streamline the time it takes to exit the parking lot.


This pay process will reduce the number of vehicles that are left for long periods or abandoned in our lots.  This alone will create more opportunities for sportfishing customers.


Payment may now be made via pay machines or the online app, using credit card or cash.  Pay stations are in use everywhere now and offer a variety of ways to pay.  In the past, credit cards were not accepted in the sportfishing lot.  Now they will be, creating a benefit to the fishermen.  Pay stations will be conveniently located in all parking areas and the app will provide a fast and simple way to pay.  One difference is that payment will be made in advance instead of paying when you leave.  Also, there will no longer be a need for a pay booth in the lot, allowing for a much quicker way to exit the lot.

The Ace parking app. can be downloaded from the app store at any time and works like any other app where you simply follow the prompts.  If an angler is not comfortable using apps, the machines may be used to make payment.

The San Diego Sportfishing Landings are confident that this new process will result in more available parking spaces, more payment options, and more streamlined egress from the lot.

For more information, please contact any of the three San Diego Sportfishing Landing.

Captain Art at SD Rod and Reel Club May 2

April 11th, 2024|Did You Know?, News|

Captain Art and Team Searcher will be at the May 2 club meeting of the San Diego Rod and Reel Club. Join us for fishing updates, tackle talk and Searcher news!

San Diego Rod and Reel Club

Meeting Info

Location: VFW Post 5985
853 Turquoise St, San Diego, CA 92109.
First Thursday of every month 6:00 pm meet and greet, social hour and 7:00PM. club meeting

Your Booking and Payment Process

December 16th, 2023|Captain Mike's Blog, News|

Hello anglers!

If you thought there were a few differences in scheduling a trip or receiving trip confirmation/receipts from me, you aren’t wrong! Our new reservation software is now integrated into our web site and the trip materials look a bit different. I know this will make our office even more efficient and your payment receipts more timely.

I’ve included a sample confirmation in this post. Note the trip information, your contact details, your trip deposits, and the important “Terms and Conditions.” For now, the Trip reference will be the fishing year and your trip number. This sample shows (“24-30”) which is 2024, trip #30. We will be editing the email text in the future, but you will always recognize our logo and the subject line will contain Searcher Sportfishing. If you are paying for others, their names and payments will be included in your receipt.

Check out the booking system on the schedule page! You’ll be logging in with an account password, so if you need help with that or anything else, please call or email.

  • Phone: 619-226-2403
  • Email: (This is the email sender for your trip materials, so add it to your approved list!)
  • THANK YOU for your patience as we continue to fine-tune this customized system.

celia, land crew

Fall Forecast Overview and Tackle Tips

October 6th, 2022|Did You Know?, News|

Captain Art here to report on current conditions and field reports from Alijos Rocks and The Ridge, which could be destinations for our upcoming fall long-range trips. 

Wahoo and yellowfin tuna have been biting at the Rocks. The wahoo are 25-50# and the yellowfin are 10-40#. The Ridge has warm water and we are seeing yellowtail (10-30#) and yellowfin tuna (10-40#). Dorado (5-20#) are biting offshore and boats are catching yellowtail on the coast. We could be targeting them on the way home. 

Looks to be an exciting fall season with good variety of target species!

We are attaching a couple of recent Tackle Tip Thursday videos on wahoo. We’ll post a few more as we get closer!

Sep 30 (Sep 29-Oct 1) Extended 1.5 day

September 30th, 2022|Captain Mike's Blog, News, Trip Reports|

Hello anglers,

We had some action on bluefin tuna last night. There was some good opportunities with flat fall lures and knife lures as well. Hoping for  a few more during the day in the same area.

Capt Art and Team Searcher

Frequent customer, Darel, and a nice bluefin tuna

Hello anglers,

We had some great opportunities for quality yellowfin tuna this afternoon on 30-50# fish caught on flyline sardines. Great weather to go along with great fishing.

Captain Art and Team Searcher

Father and son with yellowfin


July 14th, 2021|Captain Mike's Blog, News|

Please check it now to make sure it’s valid through the dates of your fishing trip!

It can take several weeks, or longer due to high demand (like during summer travel), even with expediting to renew a passport and they are currently required for all our fishing trips. Our policy states that deposits are non-refundable if you haven’t renewed your passport in time.

Passport books or the passport card are valid for use on fishing trips.

(The actual passport is required, not a copy or an expired one. And birth certificates and Enhanced Driver’s Licenses are not substitutes.)

Pro Tip: Renew early so that future renewal dates do NOT coincide with fishing season. Waiting for a renewal while your trip approaches is no fun! And you must send in your current passport with the renewal application so you won’t have it to use.

Tackle Talk LIVE at Turners Outdoorsman in Norwalk (and Facebook)

June 22nd, 2021|Captain Mike's Blog, News|

We will be going LIVE and talking tackle (bluefin tackle, what else?!) on June 29 at 5 p.m. at Turner’s Outdoorsman in Norwalk!
Want to join in person and shop after the talk? Call for an RSVP to the store (562) 929-4056.
If you can’t be at the Norwalk store, tune in to Searcher Sportfishing’s Facebook page. We will be posting the video here the next day.

Valentine gift ideas!

February 11th, 2021|Captain Mike's Blog, Did You Know?, News|

Do you have an angler that is hard to shop for? Are you unsure of what to get an angler on your list? Do you have an angler in need of extra love? We have just the gifts or gift packages for any angler on your list.

Searcher Bucks

Searcher Bucks can be uses like cash for anything at Searcher. Examples: merchandise (hats, shirts, hoodies), trip fees, beverage tabs, and tackle.  Or we have gift certificates to redeem for any trip. Great options for you and any angler on your love list. Come shop with us. Fill your valentine’s heart and freezer with the help of Searcher!

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