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Dreaming about catching bluefin, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, wahoo and other saltwater fish? Come to San Diego, the gateway to some of the best deep-sea fishing in the world in Baja California, Mexico. At Searcher Sportfishing, we offer 1.5 day to 8 day long range sportfishing excursions to Baja California, Mexico’s fishing destinations — sportfishing trips to fit every schedule and budget.

Captain Art Taylor has owned the 95-foot boat Searcher for over 35 years. He and his crew will make your trip the best sportfishing experience possible.

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Apr 172024

Three-Day Lady Angler Trip with Tonie Bangos from the CCA!

April 17th, 2024|Capt Art's Blog|

You know her from BD Outdoors and the CCA, Tonie Bangos will join Searcher on our Three-Day Lady Angler Trip, 8/19/2024 – 8/22/2024. Sponsored by Turner’s Outdoorsman, Izorline, and Seeker Rods!

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newbie to the sport, this trip promises endless excitement and camaraderie! From the thrill of the catch to the breathtaking views of the open sea, each moment will be one for the books.
We have a few spots open!

For inquiries and bookings, please contact us at 619-226-2403 or visit Searcher Sportfishing.

Make sure to check out BD Outdoors and CCA for the up-to-date fishing reports, videos, and upcoming events!

Need fishing gear? Check out Turner’s Outdoorsman, Izorline, and Seeker Rods websites.

Apr 112024

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 230 (Dropper Loop for Yellowtail)

April 11th, 2024|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Happy Tackle Tip Thursday!

It’s a tackle tip you’ve been waiting for! Are you targeting yellowtail, and not just any yellowtail, but the big ones? This demonstration by Penn Fishing Tackle’s pro-staffer, Steve Carson, is the perfect way to get prepared. 

The Penn Fathom 2-speed, model 80 reel and the heavy dropper loop rigging will make it possible to catch that yellowtail of a lifetime on a longer trip aboard Searcher. Book one of our 7- or 8-day trips in the fall are a perfect opportunity to try this technique. 

Check our variety of trip lengths and angler loads here: www.SearcherSportfishing.com. Or call the office 619-226-2403.

To review our tackle suggestions for your upcoming trip, click here:SEARCHER TACKLE SUGGESTIONS

🎣Reel in more Tackle Tips here! Subscribers get hooked up to new videos first!


Searcher Crew Profile

Ryan Lindahn, Captain/Crewman
Ryan has enjoyed San Diego fishing since childhood and changed careers to work on the ocean with Team Searcher. He's an excellent resource to novice anglers who benefit from his patient, easy-going approach.   

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Trip Report

Nov 21 (Nov 14-22) 8-day Limited Load

Good evening anglers,

We ended an awesome trip this afternoon. We started in the morning fishing lingcod and vermilion rockfish, and we had some nice ones. We slid offshore before lunch and saw scattered sign of 60-100lb bluefin. No real concentration just loose fish. We tried a few times for no bites so we called it around 2pm, so the crew could get the boat cleaned up. This was our last trip of the year 

I just wanted to take a minute on behalf of Josh, myself and the crew on Searcher to say thanks to everyone who came out fishing with us this year. What a great year from 100lb bluefin to wahoo, and from May to November!

We had a great year and a great time fishing with all of you. Josh and I appreciate everyone’s support with our new venture.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year, and if you didn’t get a chance to come out with us this year, now’s your chance to jump on a 2024 trip before they fill up! Check on current openings here: 2024 Searcher Schedule

We’ll be hauling the boat out for dry dock and maintenance next month and getting ready for next year. See you anglers in the spring!

Happy holidays,

Captain Mike, Chef Josh and the boys

OWNERS’ NOTE: Art and celia would like to add our best holiday greetings and gratitude for our customers and crew.

We are especially proud of how Captain Michael and Chef Joshua have continued the high quality operation of Searcher Sportfishing, and we look forward to their increased involvement and ownership. They are the next caretakers of Searcher and we couldn’t be more confident in her future.

Great job to the entire 2023 TEAM Searcher!

Did you know?

Tackle Tip Thursday

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 230 (Dropper Loop for Yellowtail)

Happy Tackle Tip Thursday! It's a tackle tip you've been waiting for! Are you targeting yellowtail, and not just any yellowtail, but the big ones? This demonstration by Penn Fishing Tackle's pro-staffer, Steve Carson, is the perfect way to get prepared.  The Penn Fathom 2-speed, model 80 reel and the heavy [...]

What our anglers say…

It’s a welcoming atmosphere, professional attention to detail in all aspects, commitment/drive to put anglers on fish, expert help in helping everyone maximize biting fish opportunities.

Dave R, May 2022

Captains Mike and Ryan work hard to get us on fish, plus jump on deck when needed. Deck crew are not only highly competent technicians but display a positive and extremely customer-first attitude. Booking, payment and checkin are seamless! Chef Dan and Josh’s meals and snacks were perfect, enjoyable meals with great variety. I really enjoy your limited load trips!

Ted R, May 2022

Captain, crew and cooks were absolute professionals. Boat is extremely clean and comfortable. Everyone worked **very hard**.

Dave M, June 2022

The crew directing traffic while you have a fish on was done to perfection. Very happy with the positive energy from the whole boat.

Wes B, Jul 2022

The crew’s attitude was over-the-top great. Everyone was very positive, helpful and patient. I know this reflects Art, Celia and our captain. I just can’t say enough good things about the positive attitude of this crew. It made a huge impression on me. Thank you!

Steve, September 2022

The crew was awesome, great food and immediate attention to the deck, gaffing, and help with tangles.

Angler, September 2022

Another great trip on the Searcher. Captain Mike did a nice job of putting us on the fish. Crew did an amazing job from there. Any other boat would have been heading back to shore. This guy doesn’t give up. He made a lot of happy customers! Well done, Team Searcher!

Dave P, August 2022

The crew makes everyone feel so welcome. They go up and beyond making sure everyone is having a good time, helping with tackle setup and overall making sure everyone one is having fun.

Angler, November 2022

Cooking was on point every meal! Deckhands are always there to help you out with your setups. They take the time to answer everyone’s questions while staying on top of their game. Just overall make it feel like an amazing experience, as well as a family.

Angler, November 2022

Every crew member, including Mike and Josh, was very willing to teach us new techniques and how best to fish the targeted species. The working relationship among the crew was outstanding. It is a pleasure to see men enjoy their job and work so well together. Keep up the great attitude and spirit.

Dan C, June 2023

Your operation hires solid crew members that make the trip fun. Catching yellowtail on the iron while listening to music in the sun was the highlight of my trip.

Robert W, June 2023

When you have a great crew and good fishing you remember the good times!

Spencer W, June 2023

Best run operation I’ve ever been on as far as desire of captain and attitude/ teamwork of the crew.

Rick B, June 2023

The crew is top notch. Mike knows how to fish hard and find the fish. Josh puts out 5 star meals every meal. The deck crew is always attentive to what’s happening on deck. They want to help with a great attitude and they all work together and get along great. The whole operation is smooooth.

Ron, May 2023

They did everything possible to make it a successful adventure for everyone willing/able to participate.

Vic, May 2023

Absolute top notch operation. I always enjoy fishing with Team Searcher.

Bill R May, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed my time fishing with the Searcher crew. You guys are the best and most professional operation I’ve fished with in San Diego.

Bill, June 2023

Customer service and great attitude is always abundant on Searcher!

Bill, Jun 2023

Deckhands exceptional, food was excellent, accommodations were great.

Max, July 2023

Searcher attracts a nice group of anglers. Experienced fisher persons, work well together.

Bruce, June 2023

Great vibe; welcoming/professional/skilled/hospitable. The Searcher Team rocks!

Dave, Jun 2023

There’s a reason why I come back each year…I’m hooked with the Searcher.

JR, July 2023
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