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ss-badge-sonarDreaming about catching albacore, bluefin, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, wahoo and other saltwater fish? Come to San Diego, the gateway to some of the best deep sea fishing in the world in Baja California, Mexico. At Searcher Sportfishing, we offer 1.5 day to 7 day long range sportfishing excursions to Mexican waters, including the islands of San Benito, Cedros, Alijos Rocks and other prime Baja California fishing destinations — sportfishing expeditions to fit every schedule and budget!

Captain Art Taylor has owned the 95-foot boat Searcher for over 30 years. He and his crew will take you to Baja California’s fishing grounds and make your trip the best sportfishing experience possible. Novices and experts welcome.

Catch some adventure and plan your sportfishing trip today!

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Trip #22 (7-day) Sep 23-30, sponsored by Seeker Rods

Hello anglers,
We departed today on a 7-ay trip with Fred Brandt, pro-staffer from Seeker Rods and headed for The Rdge. Today anglers relaxed and got re-acquainted with old friends from the Searcher family. We all watched some football and golf too.
We have a beautiful load of bait that has been curing at the recievers for a week! I’m pretty pleased with the quality. Tomorrow will have a seminar and do lots of rigging everyone. We plan to start fishing Tuesday.

Fred from Seeker is checking on line on one of his reels and the trip has only just begun!

Capt Art and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip #22 (7-day) Sep 23-30, sponsored by Seeker Rods (Day 2)

Hello all,

Today was seminar day! (Tackle tips and it was not even Thursday. Lucky anglers!) We went over all the terminal tackle options from A to Z. Then we talked about what to do to avoid tangles. It’s always interesting to discuss connections: braid to fluorocarbon, or braid to mono and then fluorocarbon. It turns out everyone has their favorite method! I like to use a topshot of mono which acts as a shock absorber since it has some stretch to it.

Check out our link on Tackle Suggestions page for more on connections: TACKLE SUGGESTIONS

The rest of the morning has been spent rigging our gear and preparing for fishing by tomorrow. We are enjoying the good weather and traveling. The bait still looks happy and healthy.

~Captain Art and Team Searcher

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Searcher Crew Profile

Michael Todter, Captain
Michael joined Team Searcher in 2017 and quickly earned his US Coast Guard license in 2018, moving up the ranks as a key member of the crew. (photo by Zoe Stevenson)  

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