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Dreaming about catching bluefin, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, wahoo and other saltwater fish? Come to San Diego, the gateway to some of the best deep-sea fishing in the world in Baja California, Mexico. At Searcher Sportfishing, we offer 1.5 day to 8 day long range sportfishing excursions to Baja California, Mexico’s fishing destinations — sportfishing trips to fit every schedule and budget.

Captain Art Taylor has owned the 95-foot boat Searcher for over 35 years. He and his crew will make your trip the best sportfishing experience possible.

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Feb 22023

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 213 (What is Plunker-style Fishing?)

February 2nd, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Welcome back, anglers! Some of you may already be familiar with plunker fishing and all the other deep-sea fishing jargon, but for those of you who may be newer to the sport, we have a little lesson in terminology!! Carl, from world-famous Fisherman’s landing describes what this means when you hear it and what to expect in regards to how you’re fishing that day! Anglers, if you’re familiar with this term, what are your thoughts about plunker fishing? Have you had success or have you been left out at the rail?

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Jan 192023

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 212 (Connection Series: Seaguar Knot)

January 19th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Happy new year, anglers!  We know you are getting ready for this year’s fishing season, and we can help. 

We are excited to present our Connection Series debut!  It’s time to brush up on (or see for the first time) a few connection knots that you will surely need to apply when connecting your monofilament and fluorocarbon.  

Rick Maxa, co-owner of Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop and co-host of Let’s Talk Hook-Up, generously donated his time to help us kick off this mini-series, with a detailed step-by-step demo of how to perfect a quick yet durable knot: : The Seaguar.

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Searcher Crew Profile

Christine, Galley Assistant
Christine welcomes you aboard with a smile and helpful nature!

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Trip Report

Nov 21 (November 15-23) Ridge Special

Good evening,

We started on The Ridge this morning where we caught tuna our first day down here.  We saw almost not sign at all, but we stuck it out until 11 a.m. But it became obvious that it was a bust–the water had rolled over.

We took off looking for a kelp and after about 4 hours, Captain Ryan spotted a 30-ft kelp from a few miles away with dorado jumping on it.  We scored on this one. All you want yellowfin tuna, all you want dorado and a few lucky guys got a wahoo.

We’re headed up for yellowtail on the beach tomorrow.

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening,

We got up to the area around Isla Natividad around 9am and started seeing fish right away.  We’ve been picking and scratching all day. We have been seeing fish all day. They are not that eager but we’re putting a nice day together.  Yo-yo was the best, but we are catching some on the dropper loops as well. Beautiful grade at 17-20#and a few 25-30# fish mixed in. 

We’re rolling up. Going to do a few cod drifts for our last day of the season tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out next year

Happy holidays,

Captain Mike and the boys

Did you know?

Tackle Tip Thursday

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 213 (What is Plunker-style Fishing?)

Welcome back, anglers! Some of you may already be familiar with plunker fishing and all the other deep-sea fishing jargon, but for those of you who may be newer to the sport, we have a little lesson in terminology!! Carl, from world-famous Fisherman's landing describes what this means when you hear [...]

What our anglers say…

The Searcher has a great crew and staff. Everyone has been awesome!

Brian N, June 2021

Always enjoy getting out on the water with the Searcher Crew! Top notch operation!

Jason O, May 2021

Love the customer service loading gear onto the boat and off the boat. Crew is simply amazing! Dan and Mike are quite the pair in the galley….great food. “Land Crew” is exceptional…..amazing customer service. Always feel like family.

Don S, July 2021

Searcher Sportfishing is a truly professional and organized operation. The communication and attention to detail was first class and the customer service and focus exhibited by the crew was exceptional.

Donald L, August 2021

This was the best experience I have had on a fishing trip. Everything was top notch from the crew to the food. I will be coming back every year!

Steven L, July 2021

The Searcher is an adventure with friends every time I ride!

Jodie E, August 2021

The crew members were very attentive and made an effort to treat every passenger on the boat equally and respectfully to make sure everyone had the best time possible.

Carrie S, July 2021

From the captain to the cook and the deck hands, they were just amazing. It felt like they were fresh and on their first trip of the season. They were not tired of answering questions and seemed to have fun themselves.

Elry P, 2021

The Searcher crew has always been extra special to me. Always professional and they help my fishing in numerous ways. Always with good spirits. A big reason for me to sign up year after year.

Tony M, October 2021

This trip was by far the best trip I’ve ever been on. Well worth the cost! Best crew!

Kevin E, October 2021

EXCELLENT customer service by the crew. They are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful.

Kevin J, October 2021

Customer service and crew attention to the anglers is top notch! Crew is always helpful, attentive and friendly.

Dylan B, October 2021

Crew stayed up almost around the clock in choppy weather so we could fish.That’s great service.

Matt F, September 2021

You guys are top notch in my book. I tell everyone about how wonderful all the team Searcher crew is. Thank you again!

Angler, 2021
The crew were really helpful, the food was incredible, I appreciated the payment plan!
Amy J, August 2021

My favorite part was the all-around experience! I brought a friend who had never been fishing before and he was well fed well taken care of and had an amazing time!!

Charles K, July 2021

Food, accommodations, crew, captain, all spectacular.

Dustin P, 2021

It’s a welcoming atmosphere, professional attention to detail in all aspects, commitment/drive to put anglers on fish, expert help in helping everyone maximize biting fish opportunities.

Dave R, May 2022

Captains Mike and Ryan work hard to get us on fish, plus jump on deck when needed. Deck crew are not only highly competent technicians but display a positive and extremely customer-first attitude. Booking, payment and checkin are seamless! Chef Dan and Josh’s meals and snacks were perfect, enjoyable meals with great variety. I really enjoy your limited load trips!

Ted R, May 2022

Captain, crew and cooks were absolute professionals. Boat is extremely clean and comfortable. Everyone worked **very hard**.

Dave M, June 2022

The crew directing traffic while you have a fish on was done to perfection. Very happy with the positive energy from the whole boat.

Wes B, Jul 2022

The crew’s attitude was over-the-top great. Everyone was very positive, helpful and patient. I know this reflects Art, Celia and our captain. I just can’t say enough good things about the positive attitude of this crew. It made a huge impression on me. Thank you!

Steve, September 2022

The crew was awesome, great food and immediate attention to the deck, gaffing, and help with tangles.

Angler, September 2022

Another great trip on the Searcher. Captain Mike did a nice job of putting us on the fish. Crew did an amazing job from there. Any other boat would have been heading back to shore. This guy doesn’t give up. He made a lot of happy customers! Well done, Team Searcher!

Dave P, August 2022

The crew makes everyone feel so welcome. They go up and beyond making sure everyone is having a good time, helping with tackle setup and overall making sure everyone one is having fun.

Angler, November 2022

Cooking was on point every meal! Deckhands are always there to help you out with your setups. They take the time to answer everyone’s questions while staying on top of their game. Just overall make it feel like an amazing experience, as well as a family.

Angler, November 2022
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