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Jackpot winners and fish counts

Trip Report

It’s the Searcher’s Birthday Giveaway

It’s time for Searcher’s birthday month giveaway! and We are giving you the presents. The present/ prize is a FREE shirt, like the ones pictured. (You have a choice of burgundy, navy, or ash.) All you have to do is answer the following question. ⁣(Please no phone calls email only.) ⁣ Q: Besides fishing and whale trips. What other trips has/do the Searcher offer? ⁣ ⁣ We will pick one winner on Friday 5/24! (The Searcher’s actual Birthday.) Good luck and Best Fishes!⁣

Trip Report

Tackle Tip live Recap

Tackle Tip Live was a success and so much fun. Great turnout and even better questions. Tons of giveaways. Big congrats to all the winners and The Grand Prize winner Chris B. who won a gift certificate for $250 for a Searcher Trip.     We are looking forward to the next one. Thank you so much to Sunny and Turner's Outdoorsman in El Cajon! Don't miss the next one. Stay hooked here for all the updates.  

Trip Report

Tackle Tip LIVE! with Capt Art

Calling all San Diego anglers! Turner's Outdoorsman in El Cajon is hosting Team Searcher for a Tackle Tip LIVE on Yo-Yo fishing! Drop by the new store on Wed, April 24 at 6 p.m. Capt Art will have all the details for successful yo-yo fishing, plus we'll have raffle prizes, giveaways and fun! As with all oour tackle shop talks, the grand prize will be a $250 gift certificate for a Searcher Sportfishing trip in 2019. Join us! Shop stays open until 8 p.m. to shop for all you need. Address: 841 Arnele Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020 Phone: 619-444-3700

Trip Report

Guadalupe Island

Searcher has received permission to fish in the Biosphere Reserve of Guadalupe Island this season. So if you're booked on a 6-day or longer, it's one of the possible destinations. It's an exciting prospect and adds another option for our trips! Our captains will monitor the fishing and weather conditions and will determine the destination of your trip, based on the best fishing and catching opportunities. C'mon tuna and yellowtail--we're ready for you! (NOTE: in order to fish Guadalupe Island, we must pass along additional costs for customs and immigration charges incurred in Ensenada and San Diego. We'll publish those costs soon and notify all booked anglers in advance.)

Trip Report

Capt Shawn at Long Beach show Fri-Sun!

Stop by and talk fishing with Capt Shawn Trowbridge. And you might want to chat him up about fishing Guadalupe Island, since we have received our permit to fish the island for 2019! (fishing and weather dependent, always Captain's choice)

Trip Report

Ocean to Galley (Portuguese Tuna Salad)

Looking for a way to prepare all your Searcher-caught fish or a use for your canned tuna you made with Dave's Jarred tuna? How about giving Tommy's Portuguese Tuna Salad a try? 

[embed width="600"][/embed]

Tommy says you can use Catalina Offshore products Catalina's Choice solid packed tuna or your own jarred tuna or even steamed tuna. They all taste great. Tommy's Portuguese Tuna Salad can be an appetizer with crackers and vegetables or an amazing tuna melt. It is all your choice and all delicious and worth a try.


  • 6 oz  can of Catalina'a choice Soild Pack Tuna in Olive Oil (don't drain)  or your own, you can also use steamed tuna as well. 
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar (more to taste)
  • 1/4 cup diced yellow bell pepper
  • 1 tbsp capers
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • Salt & pepper
  • Olive oil
  • In a bowl mix together tuna, vinegar, onion, bell pepper, capers and garlic and onion powders. Season with salt and pepper and additional olive oil to taste. Serve with crackers or vegetables, or use for sandwich filling. to make the BEST tuna melt ever, use a high quality sourdough and sliced Swiss or sharp white cheddar! Store salad in airtight container in refrigerator for up to a week.
    • Adapted from Tommy's original recipe which uses fresh steamed tuna. [caption id="attachment_12818" align="alignnone" width="337"] Full recipe card[/caption]

Trip Report

Searcher in dry dock

It's time for annual inspections, upgrades, repairs and TLC! Many thanks to the team at Al Larsen Boat Shop and Team Searcher for taking care of her.

Trip Report

JACKPOT WINNER Trip 27 Oct 27- Nov 3

Trip Report

Trip 27 (7 day) Oct 27- Nov 3 (Day 5) Ultra-limited load

Good evening anglers: Today we fished the coast for yellowtail and had good results on catching some 16 to 25 lb fish. The best way to get a bite was on a dropper loop set-up and a sardine (click here for a how-to video) as well yo-yo iron using 50lb test. For success at surface iron fishing lures, click here. The weather today was nothing short of fantastic with calm seas and sunny skies. It has been truly an "epic trip" and we want to say a big Team Searcher "THANK YOU" to Thom C. and the group of anglers that joined us. Here's Thom with his quality yellowtail. We're travelling north on Friday and due to arrive back to the dock early Saturday morning. Captain Shawn and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 27 (7 day) Oct 27- Nov 3 (Day 4) Ultra-limited load

Good evening anglers: BOO! We gathered a few more wahoo this afternoon before we had to leave for our next destination. Click here for some tips on the most successful wahoo lures.  Most of our fish were caught trolling on Nomads and Marauders. We've really enjoyed this epic wahoo fishing for the last three days! [caption id="attachment_12567" align="alignleft" width="340"] Today's wahoo gang: Steven, Ron, Todd, John and Jack on one of the last stops today.[/caption] We will be trying for yellowtail (click here for the best lure selections) tomorrow along the beautiful Baja peninsula. Wish us luck, we will check in with you tomorrow. Captain Shawn and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 27 (7 day) Oct 27- Nov 3 (Day 3) Ultra-limited load Part II

Happy Halloween fellow anglers,
Today, started off with a nice yellowfin tuna bite. Then we caught a few wahoo while trolling.  We switched it up a bit and headed to another location to fish the bottom. We had some good results on yellowtail and grouper. The best method of catching yellowtail and grouper was live bait on a dropperloop. The sun is out and the weather is nice so we will see what the rest of the day brings us. Wish us luck, Here is Ronald S. with his premium leopard grouper. ~Captain Shawn and Team Searcher. 

Trip Report

Trip 27 (7 day) Oct 27- Nov 3 (Day 3) Ultra-limited load

Good Morning fellow anglers,  Yesterday, we had another exceptional day of fishing on wahoo and tuna. Most of the yellowfin caught today are what I call primos. Tunas range from 25 to 45lbs. They were biting best flylining with 40 lb test, 40lb flouro and Owner 3/0 hooks. Almost all of are wahoo caught today were on wahoo bombs or fly-lined baits after jig strikes.The best lures to troll with were Nomads and Marauders. (Nomad pictured below.) Our weather was nothing short of fantastic! Flat calm seas with a light breeze. We are going to stay put today, Wish us luck. Here is a shot of Captain Mike and Terry W. with a breathtaking yellowfin tuna.

Trip Report

Trip 27 (7 day) Oct 27- Nov 3 (Day 2) Ultra-limited load Part II

Good afternoon anglers, Today we awoke to calm seas and blue skies. We started off our morning with premium quality yellowfin tuna and are now scratching at a nice wahoo bite. We are going to enjoy cheeseburgers for lunch and see what this afternoon has in store for us. Wish us luck. Here is Paul H., Captain Shawn, and Captain Mike with a nice wahoo. ~Captain Shawn and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 27 (7 day) Oct 27- Nov 3 (Day 2) Ultra-limited load

Good Morning Anglers,

Yesterday, we had so very good wahoo fishing with all onboard catching a few. (Need a yummy recipe for your wahoo? Click here for a delicious recipe.)  Best way to get a bite was a live bait and 40lb or casting a wahoo bomb lure. Weather is beautiful sunny skies and flat calm seas. Going to stay in this area for today. Wish us luck. Heres John L. with a nice one. ~Captain Shawn and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 27 (7 day) Oct 27- Nov 3 (Day 1) Ultra-limited load

Good afternoon anglers, This morning we arrived at our destination and were pleasantly surprised with good wahoo fishing. Wahoo are biting wahoo bombs, nomads, live bait and marauders. We will continue to work at catching them, wish us luck. Here is Chris K. with a nice wahoo. ~Captain Shawn and Team Searcher

Trip Report

JACKPOT WINNERS Trip #26 Oct 20-27 sponsored by Accurate

Trip Report

Trip #26 (7-day) Oct 20-27 (Day 6) sponsored by Accurate Part II

Good evening fellow anglers,

Today, we fished along the baja peninsula for a scratch bite on yellowtail.  We had a beautiful day with the sun shining and calm seas.  We would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Accurate Reels for all of the beautiful reels and swag they brought aboard for giveaways. We would also like to thank Gary Gillingham for his expertise and fishing equipment that he brought for the passengers too use. Here is one last shot of a yellowtail caught by Dylan B. (For all the must haves for yellowtail fishing.~Captain Shawn and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip #26 (7-day) Oct 20-27 (Day 6) sponsored by Accurate

Good afternoon anglers: Today we are fishing the coastline for yellowtail and have found a few. Best catching results have been an both yoyo jigs and a fly-lined bait. Patrick K and crewman Ryan are showing off a nice one caught on a 6x jr blue and white. Find out what lures are working: YELLOWTAIL LURES And how about a Searcher-style recipe for this wonderful fish? It's all about the marinade! Captain Shawn and Team Searcher
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