“Searcher Offers New Angler Rewards” or Bring A Friend and Win!

Bring a friend fishing, receive a gift, and you’ll be entered into the Grand Prize raffle.

Grand Prize: Free 3-day trip & rod/reel combo

Penn’s 2-speed Fathom was part of the 2018 Grand Prize.

I brought my kids on their first 3-day fishing trip. We had a great time and I also won the SONAR raffle! I’ll be fishing with my new Penn 2-speed Fathom reel and Carnage rod on my free trip in 2019.

– Craig G, 2018 winner

Craig G. with his Grand Prize. He’s ready for his free trip!

S.O.N.A.R. Rules:

  • One free gift per trip. Bring a new angler on more than one trip and receive a gift for each.
  • One entry in the raffle per gift received.
  • Offer good for 3-day trips or longer.
  • You must mention the new angler at the time of reservation.
  • New angler must not already be on our existing mailing list.
  • We reserve the right to end the giveaways at any time.
  • Promotion for new anglers only.
  • Offer not valid on charter trips.