Art Taylor, proud Searcher owner/operator for over 30 years.

Art started his fishing career in junior high school, working aboard half-day boats in exchange for fishing time. He got serious about fishing as a career and after a short stint in commercial fishing, earned his skipper’s license at the age of 19 and was captain of his first fishing trips at the age of 20. Throughout this time, Art was working under captains such as Bill Poole, Frank LoPreste, Bob Fletcher and others. He joined the crew of boats including Cat Special, Champ, Royal Polaris, and Chief as deckhand, second captain and master. The thrill of sportfishing, the reward of teaching anglers to fish better, and the pride in keeping a boat operating smoothly from the engine room to the galley has turned Art into a well-rounded boat operator and business owner.

The boat that was to become Searcher was built in 1970 by San Diego’s sportfishing pioneers Bill and Ingrid Poole. After a 15-month construction, she was launched on May 24, 1970 in Newport Beach, California as “the largest sportfisher on the West Coast.” She was named the Cape Polaris and was the first “long-range” sportfisher–the first in a line of famed Polaris boats built by Poole Boats. Her name was changed to Searcher in 1975.

Captain Art Taylor and Searcher bring you to the fish.

Cape Polaris Legacy

Cape Polaris was the first “long-range” sportfisher–the first in a line of famed Polaris boats built by Poole Boats.

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Join Captain Taylor aboard Searcher

Join Captain Taylor aboard Searcher on a 1.5 day offshore chasing tuna or a 7-day trip to Alijos.

Join Captain Taylor aboard Searcher on a 1.5 day offshore chasing tuna or a 7-day trip to Alijos Rocks where there’s a chance to reel in a 100-pound yellowfin tuna or a feisty wahoo. Or maybe a 3- to 5-day trip fishing for bluefin tuna and yellowtail fits your schedule better. Click for current San Diego Sportfishing Schedule.

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Get to Know Team Searcher

Our team of professionals ensures your fishing experience is fun, safe, and productive. Captains have the latest fish-finding gear at their fingertips to identify the best fishing conditions in order to maximize your catching success. Deckhands are there to offer tackle tips, help at the rail, and assistance when needed. Cooks prepare fresh and delicious meals and snacks that keep you satisfied and energized.

Catch some adventure with Team Searcher!

Art Taylor, Captain/Owner For 35 years Art Taylor has maintained the highest standards for a fishing platform aboard Searcher--from vessel and passenger safety to top-quality crew service. He fishes the hot spots from Baja California to southern California and looks forward to taking you there! Shane Tuschen, Crewman Shane is stepping into the world of long-range sportfishing from his background of charter boats. He is an avid surfer too. Sean Allen, Crewman/Captain Sean came to Team Searcher with a wealth of long-range experience on other boats in the San Diego fleet. He's got quite a collection of jokes to share. Mike Kouris, chef Mike enjoys making palate-pleasing meals for all our guests! Christine, Galley Assistant Christine welcomes you aboard with a smile and helpful nature! Armando Marquez, Captain Armando joined Team Searcher after years of experience as a San Diego sportboat captain and crewman. We are pleased to have his superb skills as fisherman and sportsman as our captain. Celia and Erin, Land Crew Supporting Team Searcher with all the beach-side duties. See you at the dock! Michael Todter, Captain Mike joined Team Searcher in 2017, quickly earned his US Coast Guard license in 2018, and has moved up the ranks to become a key member of our crew and trusted captain. His unparalleled fish sense gets results! Kenny Merrell, Captain Kenny and Art grew up in the San Diego sportfishing business together, and progressed from pinheads to captains. Kenny is a dedicated member of Team Searcher and an angler favorite for his expertise and friendly attitude. Dan Cramer, Chef Dan has a wealth of experience from decades working on the water. He earned his Captain's license so he's a versatile player on Team Searcher -- from wheelhouse to galley.   Ryan Lindahn, Crewman Ryan has enjoyed San Diego fishing since childhood and changed careers to work on the ocean with Team Searcher. He's an excellent resource to novice anglers who benefit from his patient, easy-going approach.