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Jackpot winners and fish counts

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Jun 272020

Trip #1 Jun 26-29 (3 day) Accurate Fishing

June 27th, 2020|Categories: Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Hello anglers,

We departed on one of our Accurate Fishing Products sponsored trip with Jack Nilsen. We are grateful to Jack and his company for providing us with rods and reels for our clients to use.
We tried the local bluefin tuna zone with not much luck. But by the end of the day, we saw and caught a few yellowfin tuna and a bluefin tuna. The average weight of the fish was 20 pounds. Surface lures and live bait were the best methods to catch these fish.

The weather is great and we have high hopes for tomorrow. We’ll be heading further south.

Captain Art and Team Searcher

Jack Nilsen of Accurate Fishing had some fun getting this yellowfin tuna to bite a live sardine.

Jun 242020

1.5 day Trip (June 23-25)

June 24th, 2020|Categories: Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning anglers,

We got a shot at the size large bluefin this morning.  We landed two: a 130# and a 140#.  Here’s Cole and Greg with their trophies.

We are seeing lots of fish around right now.  We stopped on an enormous school a few minutes ago and they’re jumping around the boat. not getting any bites though.  We’re hoping they start to bite this afternoon.  

Many thanks to Aftco for the awesome face coverings–perfect for anglers!

~Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

We had some action chasing around small boilers of yellowfin tuna this afternoon. We could not get on a school of bluefin until after dark. Then we stopped on a jumbo school of big ones around 930pm. We’re just gettin gout of our stop here at 11:30 p.m. We went 6 for 13.  The smallest one was around 70lbs and the biggest one we landed was 130+lbs. Only one fish was under 100 pounds. We hooked some much bigger ones that escaped. We hooked all our fish on the flat falls and sinker-rig mackeral. The ones we landed all came in on either 80lb or 100lb test. Here’s the first 5 trophies that came over the rail.

Click here for some info on “sinker rig” fishing! Time for some sleep.

Captain Mike and the boys



Jun 212020

Father’s Day morning report

June 21st, 2020|Categories: Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning anglers,

We spent our morning scratching away at 8-15lb yellowtail this morning on kelps. We have had a few opportunities at some nice grade dorado as well, but have yet to boat one.

Here is Dong with his first ever yellowtail!

We have been looking at bluefin tuna all morning as well. They seem to be in a funky mood however, and have yet to respond to the bait. We currently have a school sitting under us but they are not biting. It seems like they may be starting to move up in the water column, so we’re hoping for a big afternoon. Plenty of time left to fish. We will check back later.

Captain Mike and the boys






Good evening anglers,

The bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna did not want to cooperate today. They stayed down all day. We did see a couple nice schools but they did not cooperate. We were able to scratch up some more yellowtail this afternoon, including Keith’s jackpot pending one seen here which looks to be about 18lbs.

Captain Mike and the boys

Jun 192020

1.5 day Trip (June 18-20)

June 19th, 2020|Categories: Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning anglers,

We are having a fun morning here, scratching away at  bluefin, yellowfin and dorado, and it’s pretty fun fishing right now. It is finesse fishing, using 25lb and small hooks. We are currently in a bluefin stop with a couple on deck and a couple hanging. We’re hoping we can plunk away on them here.

Here is Sheri with a dorado she caught flylining a sardine this morning. Nice work!

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

Our plunker drift from lunchtime turned into quite a stop. We drifted until we had our limit of 25-40lb bluefin. The go-to set up was a 25lb set up with a #1 or #2 hook. If you fished the right tackle and used a little finesse, it was game on. We did catch a few more yellowfin in the mix as well. All and all, we had a great trip, all smiles and high fives here. Here’s Captain Armando and Kevin with a 30lb bluefin he caught on a fly lined sardine.

Captain Mike and the boys


Jun 122020

Trip A: 1.5 day (June 11-13)

June 12th, 2020|Categories: Trip Reports|

Afternoon report:

Hello anglers,

We saw plenty of fish today, and had to work hard to get a bite. All the fish were caught at depth of 180 – 240 feet with a heavy torpedo sinker,  50-80 pound test, a circle hook and a live nose-hooked sardine.

The morning was slow even though we saw plenty of fish. But we did land the jackpot fish. Paul C. from San Diego caught a 137 pound bluefin. Then there was a lull until about 3 pm when we found a school of more bluefin. We have been drifting for awhile with a chance to catch another few fish. Here’s Paul with his winner.

Captain Art and Team Searcher


Hello anglers,

We are on the bluefin tuna grounds today. We departed on our first trip of 2020 last night!

We have our first fish of the season as well! Norm Fujimoto from Izorline hooked a fish at daylight using 100 pound test and a torpedo sinker and a live sardine. He definitely had the right gear and it didn’t take long to land the fish. Here is a photo of Norm and his 75 pound Bluefin tuna!!!!!

May 282020

Tackle Talk Live!

May 28th, 2020|Categories: Events, Trip Reports|

We will be going Live and Talking tackle. Tackle Talk Live! Tuesday, June  2nd at 5pm PST!

Join us to talk tackle 🎣with the Team Searcher crew. We will be talking all tackle and must-haves for the upcoming season! Must Join us live and let’s talk tackle.  

Tune in this Tuesday at 5pm pst on Facebook and Instagram for a live demo with Capt Art. Send questions now or you can also ask during the live feed and we’ll try to answer them live. 

May 12020

Congratulations Ryan!

May 1st, 2020|Categories: Trip Reports|

🎉Congratulations🎉 to our crewman Ryan Lindahn is now Captain Ryan!

Ryan received his 100-ton US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner’s License recently and we are super proud. ⚓He worked hard and achieved his goal of pursuing his career on the ocean.🌊

Captain Ryan will be joining our other captains: Art, Kenny, Mike and Armando in all the same great customer service on deck, but stepping up to more captain duties as well!

🎉Congratulations🎉 Captain Ryan!

Feb 82020


February 8th, 2020|Categories: Events, Trip Reports|

Come celebrate this amazing lady. Our friend Sunny has been diagnosed with cancer and is in need of our help. She is quite the outdoors lady from being a bad ass angler to, stock car racing and all things in between. Sunny is as bright and welcoming as her name. We will be celebrating and raising funds for this ray of sunshine, Sunny from Turner Outdoorsman. We are calling it :


When: February 22,2020⁠
Time: 10am- 12pm⁠
Where: The Seaforth Sportfishing Parking Lot⁠
(1717 Quivira Rd. San Diego CA 92109)⁠

Please come and show support for this amazing woman. ⁠If you don’t know Sunny personally you can still come be a part of the action and win prizes going to this incredible lady. ⁠