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Trip Report

Trip #11 (3-day trip) Aug 17-20, 2018, day 3

Hello anglers, We had a little action this morning on a kelp paddie and caught some mixed-size yellowfin tuna, dorado and yellowtail. The water is warm and we hope to find another kelp paddie like it. There was a good school of tuna with that kelp, but it didn't bite very well. We're having lots of fun on deck during the slow times, as usual with Terry and the guys. [caption id="attachment_11625" align="alignleft" width="300"] John A and a nice YFT![/caption] John A. is posing with his nice-size yellowfin tuna. Mid-day update: We had a little action at lunchtime--sorry to our cooking team for the interruption--but it made our anglers happy! [caption id="attachment_11626" align="alignright" width="300"] Happy potatoheads![/caption] We had a good stop and we are looking for more. Here is a group photo of some happy customers. Capt Art and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip #11 (3-day trip), day 2

Hello anglers, It's a little slow fishing this morning, we are seeing plenty of fish but they are not biting for us. There has been some good fishing in the area so we are hopeful for this afternoon. Here is a photo of Capt. Kenny ("Hollywood") and Matt A. ("Big Daddy Yum Yum") with a tuna Matt landed on his new outfit. There has been some shenanigans this morning and the usual costume wearing requirements! Dick is smilling with us now. Afternoon update: It was slow catching for us today, though there's plenty of fish around. We are going to keep trying! Plenty of fun was had by all--raffle prizes were a hit! Thanks to Terry Onishi ("Tito Santana") for all the effort in gathering prizes and organizing the fund-raising. Here is crewman Ryan ("Lady Godiva") and Dean B ("Hulk Hogan") with a tuna. Dean has been coming on this trip for several years. Capt Art and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip #11 (3-day trip) Aug 17-20, 2018

Hello anglers, We departed this afternoon on our 7th annual Captain Potatohead trip, memorializing Dick Uranga, who taught us how to have fun out here. We decided to fish this afternoon for yellowfin tuna.We arrived in the area and Captain Mike found a school of fish on the surface. We stopped after a fish was hooked up on the troll. We had plenty of action on both yellowfin tuna and skipjack. Everyone had a great start to their trip! I think everyone tagged a tuna and we also landed a few dorado. Here is a photo of Terry Onishi and the winner of the rod and reel combo sponsored by Seeker Rods and Penn reels. Bob Bower, a long-time Dickie fan, contributed to the raffle and won. Planning to try this again tomorrow for some more fun! Capt Art and Team Searcher

Trip Report

JACKPOT WINNER Trip #10 Aug 11-17

Trip Report

Trip #10 (6-day trip) Aug 11-17, Day 6

Howdy Anglers, Today we has some action on yellowtail and other misc. fish.  We are hoping to fish for yellowtail the rest of the day.  We headed up the line.  Here is a nice yellowtail caught on 40lb test and a fly lined sardine caught by Damon D.

~Capt. Aaron and the Searcher Crew

Trip Report

Trip #10 (6-day trip) Aug 11-17, Day 5

Update: Howdy anglers: Good evening to ya!  We got a school this afternoon and it wanted to bite for us! We ended the day with some fun fishing on school size yellowfin tuna. Tomorrow we will try the coast for some yellowtail and be back out on the tuna grounds by the afternoon. We have first time lady angler Karolyn C. with her first yellowfin. Healthy looking fish. 
~Capt. Aaron and the Searcher Crew

Howdy anglers,

It has been an excellent morning for us today! We have had steady action on yellowfin tuna all morning. We are hoping for some more this afternoon. Mike R. and Capt. Kenny with a school sized yellowfin.

~Capt Aaron and  the Searcher crew

Trip Report

Trip #10 (6-day trip) Aug 11-17, Day 3

Howdy anglers: We worked on some kelp paddy fishing today and caught a few dorado. We are still looking for the one loaded up with fish and are going to try some more tomorrow. Capt Aaron and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip #10 (6-day trip) Aug 11-17, Day 2, day’s end

Howdy anglers: We managed to catch a few fish this afternoon and they were nice ones! Here is Tim W with his 101.6# fish caught on Izorline 40 lb mono and 40lb flourocarbon with a 1/0 J Owner hook. Tim used our loaner tackle on board: a Seeker rod and and Accurate reel outfit supplied by those generous sponsors. The weather is nice and we're headed back up the line to look for kelps with dorado and yellowtail. Wish us luck tomorrow Capt Aaron and Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip #10 (6-day trip) Aug 11-17, Day 2

Howdy anglers: Slow morning for us here but, we managed to get a few yellowfin from 30 to 50lbs.  The tackle tip for the day was (the best method for us today) was 40lb with 40lb fluorocarbon and a 1/0 J hook  with a flylined sardine. We are seeing really good sign of fish around us and were hoping that it wants to bite a little.  Patience is key with with fishing. We plan on staying here and hope for some action this afternoon.  The weather is nice the sun is starting to come out, calm waters.  Here is a couple of nice 40lb fish that were caught this Morning by John F. and Mark P. Wish us more fish in our future. ~Capt. Aaron and The Searcher Crew

Trip Report

Trip #10 (6-day trip) Aug 11-17, Day 1

Howdy anglers, We're traveling this afternoon to a spot where we're hoping to target some yellowtail.  Our weather is so nice and it looks to stay nice for us for a few days. We'll update the report this evening. Update: It was a slow afternoon for us though we had a good sign of the fish. They just were not very eager to bite the hook. Ken Y. caught this nice one on 60lb and a flylined sardine. We're moving down to focus on tuna tomorrow. The weather is still very nice and the forecast looks great for us as well. Capt Aaron and Team Searcher
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