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Trip Report

Announcing our 2017 SONAR winner!

IMG_5240Jeremy Moore of Eastvale, CA brought his son Jacob fishing in August, 2017. That qualified Jeremy for our SONAR promotion, as he brought a "New Angler" to Searcher Sportfishing. His name was added to the year-long raffle, and in December, Capt Art pulled Jeremy's name and he WON! As we do every year, the grand prize winner received a rod/reel combo and a free 3-day trip aboard Searcher! Jeremy is booked for his free trip in 2018, and now has a beautiful new rod/reel combo to bring along. Check out all the SONAR details here: SONAR. Bring a friend and win! We are grateful to Penn for the rod (PENN Carnage II series model #CARBWII3080C70) and reel (Fathom FTH15LD2) .This combo came highly recommended by Penn pro-staffer, Steve Carson.
The perfect match for the Fathom FTH15LD2 is the PENN Carnage II series rod. It fishes 30-pound line perfectly, it makes hooking a "football" tuna fun, but can still land a 60-pound bluefin. stevecarson copy

Trip Report

Searcher in dry dock!

[caption id="attachment_10875" align="alignleft" width="254"]props 12:17 Props were tuned to their original specs.[/caption] It's time again for our annual dry dock period of maintenance and inspections. Searcher is in San Pedro at Al Larson Boat Shop. Team Searcher is working with the capable crew at the boat yard to get our girl ship-shape for her 48th year of operation! [caption id="attachment_10872" align="alignnone" width="264"]hull bare wood 12:17 Searcher's hull (in the bow) with 47-year-old bare wood, ready for repainting.[/caption] starboard hull bare wood 12:17

Trip Report

Trip 34 Nov 11-17 (6-day) Accurate/Seeker Jackpot Results!

Congratulations to the winners of the Accurate/Seeker "Season Closer" 6-day Guadalupe Special:
  1. Dale Bunting - Cambria, CA - 131# yellowfin tuna
  2. Andy Ratsky - Calabasas, CA - 128# yellowfin tuna
  3. Gary Wheeler - Apache Junction, AZ - 128# yellowfin tuna

Trip Report

Trip 34 Nov 11-17 Accurate/Seeker (6-day) Guadalupe Special Nov 15 PM Report

Hello all, Our final day of fishing for 2017 was a success! Everyone had plenty of opportunity to hook a quality yellowfin tuna today as well as a quality yellowtail. The weather finally let up and it was a great day of fishing in good weather. Here is Andy Ratsky from Calabasas with one of the four good size tuna he landed this trip, Andy used a loaner outfit from Gary G. from Accurate Fishing Products with a Seeker rod. He also was kind enough to hand off other fish he hooked today to 2 people that hadn't landed a tuna yet. Thanks to Andy for his generosity. Travelling tomorrow and arriving in San Diego on Friday. Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 34 Nov 11-17 Accurate/Seeker (6-day) Guadalupe Special Nov 15 Midday Report

Hello all, We have had a great morning fishing for tuna and yellowtail. Steady action on fish over 100 pounds with a few 25-40 pound tuna mixed in and some nice size yellowtail 25-35 pounds. All the fish were hooked on flyline live sardines and 80 pound test and a 4/0 Owner circle hook.  Here's Teresa Reynoso with her 91 pound tuna that she landed with just a little help from Capt Art around the anchor line. Capt Ryan helped Teresa hold the fish up for this photo. Hoping for more action this afternoon. We are very close  to reaching our goal of everyone landing a big tuna. Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 34 Nov 11-17 Accurate/Seeker (6-day) Guadalupe Special Nov 14 Report

Hello all, Another windy, windy day. It was very hard to fish, but we managed to land a few good grade fish: we caught a few in the morning, with a lull until late in the day. We are slowly but surely getting everyone onboard a quality tuna. We are hoping that the wind backs off tomorrow and we can land a few more. Here is Elbie Bartolome from San Diego with the 116-pound tuna he hooked. The crew helped finish this fish off with multiple trips under the anchor line. Glad we were able to help get this fish on deck. More tomorrow, Capt Art & Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 34 Nov 11-17 Seeker/Accurate (6-day) Guadalupe Special Nov 13 Report

Monday, Nov 13, 2017 Hello all, Very tough conditions today. Very windy and no current made it difficult to fish and get a bait out away from the boat. We saw fish around us all day but we only landed a few. Dale Bunting from Cambria landed this 134 pound tuna. He is pictured with Gary Gillingham from Accurate products. Dale won the Seeker rod that Gary has for landing today's first tuna over 100 pounds. We are hoping for better conditions tomorrow(Tuesday). Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 34 Nov 11-17 Accurate/Seeker (6-day) Nov 12 Report

Hello all, We arrived at Guadalupe Island and managed to get a sample of tuna this afternoon. Mike Uyeki from Los Angeles landed this 127 pound yellowfin tuna on a live sardine and 80 pound line. We saw some fish so we are hopeful for tomorrow.  More later, Capt Art & Team Searcher

Trip Report

Trip 33 Nov 4-10 (6-day) Ultra Limited Load Jackpot Results!

Congratulations to the winners of the jackpot for the 6-day Ultra-limited Load Guadalupe Special:
  1. Randy Lawrence - Oceanside, CA - 171# yellowfin tuna
  2. Jim Mabary - Orangevale, CA - 152# yellowfin tuna
  3. Randy Lawrence - Oceanside, CA - 150# yellowfin tuna

Trip Report

Trip 33 Nov 4-10 (6-day) Ultra-Limited Load Nov 8 Report

Nov. 8, 2017 12:54pm
Howdy anglers, we've had a great morning here today on the tuna: all nice grade. Here is a 151lb caught by Jim Mabary. We have all afternoon here today before we head for Ensenada.   
Nov 8, 2017 6:19pm
Howdy anglers, what a great last day here at the island!  Nice grade of fish and we had action all day long! Here is John Lindsey with his nice 100+lb tuna for the day. We're leaving here and will be back at the dock on Friday morning. sstrip33-2017johnlyft
It's been a great trip! -Capt Aaron and the Searcher crew
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