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Sep 22 (Sep 21-24) Biter’s Private Charter 3 day

September 22nd, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning, 

 It took awhile last night but we got  on a school of 60-200# bluefin around 11pm and it stuck to the boat. We had a very good opportunity with lots of bites, lots of losses, but we still managed to boat enough for everyone, including this 230# fish.

We rolled into the east this morning and stopped on a small school. We have been picking away on 30-60# fish all morning now. It’s slow going with one or two at a time but they are nice fish and the weather is beautiful

This is flyline, 30lb fitness fishing.

Captain Mike and the boys

Congrats to Jeanine, catching a jumbo again this year!

Sep 20 (Sep 18-21) Limited load 3 day

September 20th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning,
We’ve had some very good opportunities the last couple days and nights on 30-100# bluefin.  We’ve been seeing a good sign and doing a lot of drifting the past couple days and nights.
 It requires finesse fly line fishing on 40/50# outfit.  There’s a good sign again today and we are picking away this morning on mostly 60-100# bluefin.
Captain Mike and the boys

Fall Fishing Forecast from Captain Michael

September 20th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Hello anglers:

We are wrapping up our season of shorter 2 to 4 day trips fishing. Our local bluefin has been nothing short of excellent this year, and we’ve enjoyed a long summer of good fishing. Now we turn our attention to longer trips this fall.

We are getting reports of phenomenal fishing from other boats fishing at spots down south.  We’re hearing that it’s as good as it gets for fishing yellowfin tuna in the 20-40# range. There’s good yellowtail fishing on the beach and a shot for a few wahoo at Alijos Rocks or The Ridge.

Check out the video on Yo-yo fishing for yellowtail to get an idea of the fun fishing!

We have a few spots left on a limited load 8 day in November, my favorite time of year to go down there, as well as a few spots on Ultra-limited Load trips (14 anglers) and a Seeker-sponsored trip coming up in October.


7-day Seeker trip (Sep 30-Oct 7): 2 spots open

7-day Ultra Limited load (Oct 7-14): 1 spot open

7-day Ultra Limited Load (Oct 14-21): 2 spots open

8-day trip (Nov 14-22) Bring home fresh fish for Thanksgiving! 4 spots open

Our summer and spring schedule is up on the schedule as well and filling up quick!

Captain Michael and Team Searcher

Sep 9 (Sep 8-10) 2 Day Private Charter, part 2

September 9th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good evening,
We had a great day here today.  We started anchored up on the bank and had some good action on 25# yellowtail and 15-40# bluefin.  We left it before lunch. We were still picking but we wanted to mix it up.  We had a kelp early afternoon for all you wanted dorado.  It was full-speed aquarium style fishing.
When we got our fix we headed back to where we were last night and saw the same incredible sign of fish: miles and miles of all-size bluefin. It was quite a sight.  We caught a couple more 30-40# bluefin and ran out of time.
Captain Mike and the boys

Sep 9 (Sep 8-10) 2 Day Private Charter

September 9th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning,
We had excellent fishing last night.  We stopped on a giant school of 50-150# bluefin and it stuck until we left it at about midnight. This last week there has been some excellent sign around and they’re biting.
We made a move out to the bank last night when the guys had enough of big ones, and we’re anchored up picking away on 25# yellowtail and 15-40# bluefin right now.  Beautiful weather and good fishing, and happy anglers!
Captain Mike and the boys

Sep 2 (Sep 1-4) 3 day Labor Day Special

September 3rd, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good evening, 

Seems like things are on the upswing right now. We scratched up a nice day here, mostly in the afternoon on 60-120# bluefin. We had one good opportunity in the gray this morning, then a long dry spell, and  then started seeing some good schools late in the day and pieced it together.

We ended our day with a nice sundowner picking on nice grade bluefin. It turned into some action on the lures after dark. It was a very fun afternoon. We’re going to mix it up and try for yellowtail in the morning. 

Captain Mike and the boys
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