Note from Team Searcher:

There are two different owners of the lots surrounding our landing which can lead to confusion. We suggest you park in an ACE parking lot and pre-pay for your parking at an ACE parking lot pay station (or use app). The ACE fee is $14/day.  Most of their spots are numbered. Then look for the ACE parking logo on the pay station nearest your spot.

if you park in the non-ACE lot, make sure to pay at their pay station (no ACE logo on them). They have different pricing, and their spots are labelled “Paid Parking.” Those lots do not have a business name OR phone number to contact them if you have a dispute.

Examples of ACE parking spots, pay stations, and signs:

Ace Parking Sign

Ace Parking Payment Kiosk

Ace New Prepaid Parking Program

Sportfishing Parking Press Release (Received via Fisherman’s Landing)

The Port of San Diego has been working with San Diego Sportfishing and other neighboring businesses to address parking policy, add more parking spaces, and streamline the time it takes to exit the parking lot.


This pay process will reduce the number of vehicles that are left for long periods or abandoned in our lots.  This alone will create more opportunities for sportfishing customers.


Payment may now be made via pay machines or the online app, using credit card or cash.  Pay stations are in use everywhere now and offer a variety of ways to pay.  In the past, credit cards were not accepted in the sportfishing lot.  Now they will be, creating a benefit to the fishermen.  Pay stations will be conveniently located in all parking areas and the app will provide a fast and simple way to pay.  One difference is that payment will be made in advance instead of paying when you leave.  Also, there will no longer be a need for a pay booth in the lot, allowing for a much quicker way to exit the lot.

The Ace parking app. can be downloaded from the app store at any time and works like any other app where you simply follow the prompts.  If an angler is not comfortable using apps, the machines may be used to make payment.

The San Diego Sportfishing Landings are confident that this new process will result in more available parking spaces, more payment options, and more streamlined egress from the lot.

For more information, please contact any of the three San Diego Sportfishing Landing.