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Accurate, Seeker, and Searcher: Perfect Together

[caption id="attachment_8283" align="alignleft" width="210"]sstrip14garyg Gary Gillingham and his arsenal[/caption] Searcher friends,  Accurate fishing guru Gary Gillingham and Seeker pro-staffer Fred Brandt, will aboard Searcher for October 21-28 for a trip to Guadalupe or the Ridge! [caption id="attachment_10539" align="alignright" width="418"]SEEKER Fred Brandt's custom-wrapped giveaway rods for Searcher trip![/caption] Gary and Fred will be utilizing our substantial loaner gear from these two manufacturers, as well as demo gear they will be bringing aboard. Anglers on this 7-day trip will enjoy trying out the superior quality rods and reels these two companies are known for producing, and have a chance at winning one of these custom red-wrap rods! Each angler will receive a hat and shirt too. And the best news? There are still a few spots open, so book here: SEEKER/ACCURATE trip. Don't miss out! [caption id="attachment_9236" align="alignnone" width="375"]seekerrick Where the magic happens! Owner RIck Hult at Seeker factory.[/caption]  
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