Good morning anglers,

We decided to start in a more protected area of the island today. We saw fair sign of 40-60lb yellowfin and 15-25lb yellowtail here this morning so we kicked it over.  The wind came up shortly after and we have 25-30knots again right now.  The fish didn’t seem to mind though, so we started picking at the yellowfin and yellowtail.  Then just before lunch time the yellows started hitting!  Every bait in the water for about a hour was bit which attributed to fun fishing!  They’re still biting right now into the afternoon so I gotta go, Anglers!

Captain Mike and the boys

Mr. Gardner got quite the bite this morning!

Good evening anglers,

Our yellowtail bite died off around 2 p.m. though we scratched up some tuna for the rest of the day. It was a pretty good sign but as the day went on, it got harder to get a bite. We still caught fish right up until dark. We’re going to try for bait and try here again in the morning.

Captain Mike and the boys

Fishing buddies, Ron and Dennis, got a couple of tuna to bite