Good morning anglers,

We are seeing some sign of these 80-120lbers here and scratching a few.  Pretty tough going at the moment, but we are getting some bites.  Very difficult conditions with 30 knots and no current.  We’re gathering some trophies up, however, so we’re going to keep at it.

Captain Mike and the boys.

Paul and Dale scored! (And have a photo-bombing “Monkey in the middle”)

Good evening anglers,

The wind conditions only got worse as the day went on, but we were still able to keep scratching throughout the day on 80-120lb yellowfin. The go-to set up was fly-lined sardine on 80lb.  It was very difficult to keep track of bait and get them out away from the boat so some guys fished 60lb with some success as well. We moved up the island to get some shelter for the night and were going to try make bait in the morning and see what the day brings.

Captain Mike and the boys

Ron made the most of this windy day with this beaut!