Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 213 (What is Plunker-style Fishing?)

February 2nd, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Welcome back, anglers! Some of you may already be familiar with plunker fishing and all the other deep-sea fishing jargon, but for those of you who may be newer to the sport, we have a little lesson in terminology!! Carl, from world-famous Fisherman’s landing describes what this means when you hear it and what to expect in regards to how you’re fishing that day! Anglers, if you’re familiar with this term, what are your thoughts about plunker fishing? Have you had success or have you been left out at the rail?

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Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 212 (Connection Series: Seaguar Knot)

January 19th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Happy new year, anglers!  We know you are getting ready for this year’s fishing season, and we can help. 

We are excited to present our Connection Series debut!  It’s time to brush up on (or see for the first time) a few connection knots that you will surely need to apply when connecting your monofilament and fluorocarbon.  

Rick Maxa, co-owner of Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop and co-host of Let’s Talk Hook-Up, generously donated his time to help us kick off this mini-series, with a detailed step-by-step demo of how to perfect a quick yet durable knot: : The Seaguar.

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2022 SONAR Winner!

January 12th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog|

Watch the video to see who won our 2022 SONAR Grand Prize of a free 3-day trip and a sweet rod/reel combo!

How can you qualify for 2023? Click here: S.O.N.A.R. (Searcher Offers New Angler Rewards)

Propellors and shafts removed for inspection and tune up

January 8th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog|

Watch the haul out process!

January 7th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog|

Dry Dock 2023 has Begun!

January 4th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog|

Once again we are out of the water and in our annual dry-dock period at Al Larson Boat Shop in San Pedro. The boat is in excellent shape.

We took the props off to have them tuned up. As part of our repower project, we are taking the propellor shafts out to check them and change the cutlass bearings.

New Engine Project: Exhaust System Magic

December 30th, 2022|Capt Art's Blog|

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 211 (Seasickness Prevention)

December 29th, 2022|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Let’s face it–seasickness happens! And when it does, it can cut into valued time at the rail. In order to protect yourself from seasickness, there are over-the-counter and prescribed medications you can get ahead of time to prevent the onset of nausea. Team Searcher also recommends that in addition to looking into the brand name makers of seasickness prevention medications, you should also know about a generic option: Meclizine, which can ease the symptoms that cause the discomfort of seasickness. If you are new to saltwater fishing, it is an extremely good idea to research these products so you can get the best experience on the water possible. Thank you to Carl from Fishermans Landing for sharing a few ideas in this video.

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Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 210 (Non-Tackle Essentials)

December 22nd, 2022|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Happy holidays, anglers! And welcome back to this week’s episode of Tackle Tip Thursday hosted by the knowledgable Lori Sachau, one of Turner’s Outdoorsman’s finest! In order to make your fish hunt as comfortable as possible, there are a few things you can purchase for yourself beforehand. They can also be some great stocking stuffer ideas for the anglers in your life!

If you are looking for more holiday gift ideas, check out our apparel page on our website– shirts, hoodies, Searcher bucks and more!

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New Engine Project: Engage Stealth Mode

December 19th, 2022|Capt Art's Blog|

New engines are so quiet! Happy owners are grateful to our expert team!

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