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Sep 9 (Sep 8-10) 2 Day Private Charter

September 9th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning,
We had excellent fishing last night.  We stopped on a giant school of 50-150# bluefin and it stuck until we left it at about midnight. This last week there has been some excellent sign around and they’re biting.
We made a move out to the bank last night when the guys had enough of big ones, and we’re anchored up picking away on 25# yellowtail and 15-40# bluefin right now.  Beautiful weather and good fishing, and happy anglers!
Captain Mike and the boys

Sep 2 (Sep 1-4) 3 day Labor Day Special

September 3rd, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good evening, 

Seems like things are on the upswing right now. We scratched up a nice day here, mostly in the afternoon on 60-120# bluefin. We had one good opportunity in the gray this morning, then a long dry spell, and  then started seeing some good schools late in the day and pieced it together.

We ended our day with a nice sundowner picking on nice grade bluefin. It turned into some action on the lures after dark. It was a very fun afternoon. We’re going to mix it up and try for yellowtail in the morning. 

Captain Mike and the boys

Aug 31 (Aug 30-Sep 1) 1.5 day Let’s Talk Hook-up Open

August 31st, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good afternoon,
We’re getting some opportunity here on 100# bluefin. They’re biting a little bit, but we can’t get them in the boat. We see good sign of big fish and very little sign of smaller fish. We’re seeing a good sign of dorado on kelps as well.
Captain Mike and the boys

Aug 27 (Aug 25-28) Limited load

August 28th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good evening,
We had a tough trip this weekend. We are dealing with fast-moving bluefin and choppy weather which made it difficult for us to get on some fish we could catch.  We’ve been hard at work in tough conditions the last couple days.
We did some good sign last night and yesterday afternoon way out to the northwest but and had a small window of opportunity in poor weather conditions.  We lost track of it though and never got back on them.  Just scattered sign throughout the day.
Captain Mike and the boys

Congrats to Peter Thiessen on his 90# bluefin!

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 226 (Hooking Your Bait)

August 24th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Happy Tackle Tip Thursday!

Penn Fishing Tackle’s pro-staffer, Steve Carson, shares his insights on where to hook your bait for maximum success. He demonstrates the various ways to get your hook into a bait fish and how that affects its attraction to your target fish. Refer back to this one frequently!

To review our tackle suggestions for your upcoming trip, click here:SEARCHER TACKLE SUGGESTIONS

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Aug 23 (Aug 21-24) Lady Angler Searcher Special #2

August 23rd, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good afternoon,
We got a little shot at the big ones last night…they are 100+#.  After about 11 p.m. the wind came up and they got harder to catch, so we threw in the towel.  We’ve been anchored up, pickng away at mixed-grade bluefin and some nice yellowtail today.  It’s breezy out here but we’re scratching up a nice day.
Captain Mike and the boys

Aug 22 (Aug 21-24) Lady Angler Searcher Special #2

August 23rd, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good evening:

We traveled all night further west than we have been all year and got stopped on a big school of 100# bluefin in the gray and had a very good opportunity of landing a few. They were in the corner, biting. After that we saw good fish most of the day but couldn’t catch it. We’re still seeing that fish right now we’ll see how tonight goes.

Captain Mike and the boys


Prostaffers of Lady Angler Searcher Special (LASS) trips

August 20th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Did You Know?|

Here are the awesome pro-staffers for our LASS (Lady Angler Searcher Special) trips. Not only are they star anglers, but they are generous with their time to teach others and provide amazing swag. (Plus they have boatloads of fun!)

We appreciate everything they do for Searcher and all the anglers they encounter. Join them on a 3-day LASS trip in 2024, offered every August.

Wendy T of Izorline International

Sophie H of Seeker Fishing Rods

Lori S of Turners Outdoorsman–San Marcos

Check out just a part of the swag on a recent LASS trip! Thank you Izorline, Seeker Fishing Rods, and Turners Outdoorsman!

Aug 19 (Aug 18-20) Lady Angler Searcher Special #1

August 19th, 2023|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Hello anglers!
Due to the weather coming our way, this trip was shortened from a 3-day to a 2-day and the team is focusing on bluefin fishing.
Captain Jason is reporting good bluefin fishing today on 30-140# fish, most are in the 30-80# range. And the weather is very calm!
Team Searcher

Weather from the bluefin ground at 3:15 p.m. Saturday!

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