Good morning,

We had excellent yellowtail fishing this morning. It was “all you wanted” on 15-25# fish.  Most of the time we had 2-8 fish hooked, and then we had a hour when it was full-speed and everyone had one on.

Very good surface iron yoyo and fly line fishing.  Now we’re going to target grouper, then take off and try find a kelp on our way back up.

Captain Mike and the boys

Dale captures a keeper YT.

Good evening,

We  ended up catching a few grouper this afternoon on the dropper loop and the yoyo jigs, as well as some more yellowtail which we released.

We left The Ridge about 3 p.m. to look for a kelp but the conditions weren’t quite right and we found kelps with no fish associated.

We’re still rolling up. Going to try find a good kelp tomorrow, weather permitting.

Captain Mike and the boys

Long-time angler, Bob B, is pretty pleased with his first-ever grouper!