Good afternoon,

We got into the Ridge around lunch time and saw this incredible sign of yellowtail that we’ve been hearing about the past week, and so far it is on par.  They’re biting pretty good, about 2-10 going since we got here. Fly line fishing, yo yo fishing, and surface iron fishing.  The grade is beautiful, as well.  About 75% of it is 18-25lbs the rest is 12-15lbs we’re letting a lot of them go.  Very fun fishing so far. Hopefully it keeps up!

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening,

We had good yellowtail fishing this afternoon until about 5pm when we lost our current and sign of fish.  We’re going to spend another day at this tomorrow.  We also caught a few nice grouper while yellowtail fishing.

Fun day, nice weather. Hoping for some more tomorrow.

Captain Mike and the boys