Captain Art’s summer forecast

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June 16 update:

Photo taken 14 June


Our spotter plane pilot continues to see tremendous schools of bluefin tuna breaking the surface. Recent reports from boats fishing in the area confirm the pilot’s findings. We are excited to get out there and try our hand at getting them to bite!



Jun 7 report:

Hello anglers:
We’re in the final stages of getting the boat ready for the fishing season and really excited to get started!

Tuna seen from spotter plane on 7 June 2018

The SAC spotter plane has been flying for us recently and what the pilot has seen is pretty exciting! He’s seen multiple schools of bluefin tuna (up to 40 pounds) within 150 miles of San Diego, which is a tremendous sign for trips in the 1.5-day trip range. In addition, the water conditions look great.

It’s time to get your tackle ready for the start to a great season! Here’s a checklist to prepare for these bluefin tuna:

  • Live bait outfits ranging from 25-60 pound with matching fluorocarbon.
  • Circle hooks so you take the abrasion factor out of the equation. Video on hooks!
  • Don’t forget to bring your flat fall lures with the appropriate rod and reel combo.
  • Have a 2-speed reel in case we come across a school of bigger fish.
  • Check for trip availability aboard Searcher here: Searcher Sportfishing schedule.

We’ve gathered up some blog posts that will assist you in getting your fishing season started. Start clicking below!