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Ask A Captain week 13 answers – Feeling knot-ical?

Feeling Knot-ical?  Searcher friend John Nielsen sure is!

He sent in the following question for our Searcher captains!

We often are told which knot is the best to use while live bait fishing.  I have been told that the Palomar knot is best by some captains and others claim that the San Diego knot is best.  Do the Searcher Captains have a favorite knot for monofilament connections?” – John N.

Well, John, its popularity practically clinched it the victory – and why “knot”?  This knot shares its name with Searcher’s home port!  It’s great with mono, fluoro and braided line! The San Diego Jam Knot is an official Searcher favorite!

Here are some of the very straightforward answers I got when I asked “Why is it your favorite knot?”

  • Because it is the best.
  • Because when it is tested against other knots, it always wins.
  • Because it never comes undone.
  • Because it is the most effective knot.
  • Because it is easy to tie.

The San Diego Jam Knot is the favorite knot of most of the captains I polled…

HOWEVER, there was one Searcher captain who went against the grain and chose the Improved Clinch.  

Think you know which Searcher captain it was?  Send in your guess by October 31 to for a BONUS CHANCE to win the October “Ask A Captain!” tackle swag package! 

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-Jen 🙂

Want to know how to tie the San Diego Jam Knot?

Here’s a quick how to:


sdknotgr2 sdknotgr3

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