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Ask A Captain Week 8 answers – Fishing Slang Follow-up!

Hello, Searcher friends!  It’s Jen, back with a follow-up to our “Ask A Captain!” Week 5 Challenge.

If you missed the “Ask A Captain!” Challenge about fishing terms, check it out here: (click for a new window)

After taking the challenge, many of you responded with a fishing slang term we didn’t include, thank you!

However, only one reader sent in enough terms for a whole follow-up:

Jeff Hull with his 42# jackpot yellowfin from the Searcher trip Aug 26-28!

Jeff Hull with his 42# jackpot yellowfin from the Searcher trip Aug 26-28!

Searcher friend Jeff Hull sent in a whole list of fishing slang I didn’t have on my first published list! He said the list includes “some that I have come across over the years as well as ones said on the Searcher every trip I am on.”

BOIL – When tuna are feeding on bait near the surface and it creates ripples on the water.

FRESH ONE – When a group of guys are fishing a school of fish and a new guy gets bit.

HOOKUP – When you set the hook on a fish and the fight starts.

WIDE OPEN – When you land on a school of fish that wants to eat bait thrown.

SAWED OFF- When a fisherman’s line with a fish on gets cut by someone’s braid or by the bottom of the boat.

EAGLES NEST – When you get a birds nest that cannot be fixed.

SPOTTIES – Spotted bay bass

CHOVIES – Anchovies

GOAT – A large male sheephead

ALBIES – Albacore Tuna

RATS – Small Yellowtail

BARDOOR – A large halibut


COFFEE GRINDER – Spinning reel

HEADSHOT – When you gaff a fish in the head to keep marks off the meat

HITCHHIKER – When you catch a fish and a bigger fish decides to eat the fish you already caught and you bring both up to the boat.

*Thanks, Jeff, for sending in all of those terms!

So, Searcher friends, did you know them all?

Bonus Opportunity! If you send in a fishing slang term not listed, you will qualify for our end of the month “Ask A Captain!” drawing which will occur on Wednesday, September 30.  Email to with “Ask A Captain!” in the subject line before Sep. 30 to be included in the September drawing!

How does “Ask A Captain” work?

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What are you waiting for?  Send in your question or fishing slang term!  Good luck!


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