Good morning anglers,

We opted to start on the bluefin grounds and there is very good sign this morning. Bruce got us off to an early start with this 30l# he caught on the flat fall. We’re hoping to get a good shot at more bluefin here this morning. There’s plenty of fish around.

Captain Mike and the boys

Bruce and his 30# bluefin started the morning off right!

Good evening anglers,

We had a very long day trying to relocate this fish in the afternoon. Finally around 5pm we got on them, and there was quite the biomass of 30-50lb bluefin. We could see big foamers, breezers, and flat spots. (Want to know what all that means? Click here: Signs of Fish!)

We had one drift at the end of the day where we got a pretty good shot. Flat falls and flylined baits were the ticket to success. We’re trophy hunting tomorrow, so wish us luck!

Captain Mike and the boys

Long-time Searcher anglers, Jack and Tom, and their bluefin from our late stop.