Good Morning anglers,

With the amount of fish we saw yesterday we opted to stay local this morning and take a shot at these Bluefin tuna again.  Before the sun came up we had just enough light to see and spotted a mega school of size extra large bluefin.  We had a little shot for a few hours this morning. We hooked around 15-20 80-200lb bluefin before 8:30am. Talk about starting your day off right.  The school we stopped on was really a sight to see. They blew up all around the boat.  Early in the stop we managed to land a couple of the “smaller” models on your tackle tip of the day flat falls.  As the stop progressed we started getting bites on the fly-lined sardine.  We then proceeded to get spooled and bit off over and over again.  We were definitely out matched and under gunned.  Time for us to pack in and move on. We are traveling south to our next destination. Beautiful traveling weather were going to be looking all day on our way south today.  

Here’s Me (Captain Mike) and Ted with what was a 90lb class bluefin tuna he landed. Well most of it, this one had its tail bitten off by a mako shark.

~Captain Mike and The Boys