Good morning anglers,

We left yesterday on our Accurate sponsored 7 day trip. We opted to fish local today due to weather and the quality of fishing in our backyard at the moment. We found a school of mixed grade yellowfin right at day light and managed to pick a few mixed grade yellowfin. Here’s Bob B with an 18lb yellowfin he caught on a flylined sardine. Were off in the hunt for more right now. We’ll check back later.Captain Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

We slid out to the west this afternoon and were greeted by giant schools of bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna. Just after lunch we stopped on a flat spot about a half mile across of mixed bluefin and yellowfin. These were mixed grade fish. The majority of what we caught were 25-35lb yellowfin and they wanted to bite a little bit. Here is Beth with a 30lb yellowfin tune she caught on 30lb test.

Captain Mike and the boys