Good morning anglers,

We had some opportunity to catch some trophies last night when we arrived on scene at about 11pm. We managed a handful, including this 200+-pounder.

We’re seeing some incredible sign of 70lb class fish at the moment. We had a very good opportunity first thing in the morning but didn’t fare too well.  We’ve got the cobwebs out and we’re scratching away at this beautiful grade of bluefin.

Captain Mike and the boys

A trophy!

Good evening anglers,

We scratched up a nice day on 25-90lb bluefin today. There was an absolutely incredible sign here all day. It’s really a sight to see. They were not in the biting mood however. 40lb test fly lined bait was the go-to rig. Long drifts and picky fishing. We’re going for trophies tonight.

Captain Mike and the boys