Good morning anglers,

We made a 120 mile move last night and found some good water in the dark. We started seeing school-grade yellowfin as soon as the sun came up and we’ve been striking them up all morning now.

We’re catching them on dolphin, sonar schools and blind jig strikes.  We are fly lining sardines and getting them on the mega baits and colt snipers. Lots of action this morning, lots of bites, lots of fun and nice weather.

CAptain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

We stayed steady on the school-grade yellowfin today. We were still getting strikes as the sun was setting.  It was all-day action with a lot of stopping and going, and getting lots of bites.

We’re going to move up another 60 miles and fish the morning before wrapping up the trip and heading back to Ensenada.

Captain Mike and the boys