Good morning anglers,

This morning we saw excellent sign of 50-75lb yellowfin here at Guadalupe Island. And although we had good enough conditions, the fish just weren’t cooperating.  This could have been a result of our timing, but we did get a little sample so we’re fired up and on the hunt for more.

Captain Mike and the boys

Tony’s looking pretty happy with his catch!

Good evening anglers,

It was a long afternoon but the evening action made up for it!  We prowled around the island and ended up on the backside.  From about 4pm to sundown we had 100-120lb yellowfin and 30-45lb yellowtail crashing around the boat.  Very promising sign for tomorrow!   Going to try make some bait tonight and excited for what tomorrow will bring.
Capt Mike and the boys

Here’s David with the jackpot leader right now, a 120lb yellowfin!