Good morning anglers,

We’ve had some good action on the yellowtail up to 15 lbs today. Much nicer conditions down here in our new location.  We have also been seeing good signs of mixed-grade bluefin here. We’re seeing and hooking some big ones down here, but we haven’t landed any yet.  Hopefully we get some more opportunities this afternoon.  Here is Gary with a yellowtail off the first kelp of the day.

Captain Mike and the boys

Gary and a kelp patty yellowtail

Good evening anglers,

We saw good sign of these big bluefin this afternoon amd evening. They were not very “user friendly” however.  Mike did manage to land a 50lb on the flat fall though.  We also scraped up a few more yellowtail this afternoon. We’re going to poke around for a few hours and see if we can “flat fall” some up.

Captain Mike and the boys

Congrats to Mike for his flat-fall bluefin!