Hello anglers,

We are on day 2 of our Herzog Electric 3-day charter. We spent the morning trying to get the bluefin tuna to bite without a lot of luck, so we moved spots. We had some fun catching a few yellowtail around lunch. Live sardines and 25 pound test were the tackle winners with that. We are headed back to the tuna area hopefully for some action this afternoon.

Captain Art and Team Searcher

Father and son each caught a nice yellowtail

Good afternoon anglerrs,

We had some action this afternoon with bluefin tuna, primarily on the kite outfits. We had a dozen bites and landed four nice  ones: 180, 155, 150 and 120 pounds. These are very nice fish, and so we had a great end for the day. We will try again tomorrow.

Captain Art and Team Searcher

The 120# bluefin on the scale!