Good afternoon anglers.

We started our morning out west to try for some yellowtail and bluefin. We had a little bit of action in the morning, but for the most part is was a little slow at the bank. We decided to pick up the anchor and head towards the larger bluefin zone. Just after lunch we arrived on scene.

Right as we arrived in the zone we began to see large breezers right on the surface. We just slid into our first school and are currently engaged in a battle. These fish our responding well to the fly line live sardine on 30lb test. We are hoping to have a very productive afternoon here!

Captain Armando and Team Searcher

Way to go James!

Good Evening Anglers,

We spent our afternoon and evening in the bluefin zone. Once we found the water we wanted to be in, we began to see some amazing signs of fish. We started seeing large schools up on the surface all around us. After a couple of stops we spotted an extremely large breezer in the distance, it was more than a football field in size.

When we got up to it and started a chum line, the fish immediately got around and underneath the boat, and of course came that favorite word “Biter!” We drifted on that stop til dark. It was quite a show school after school came up around us and stayed with us as we hooked more. These were some quality 50 to 70 pound blue fin tuna. The tuna wanted to bite the lighter line, so of course we had some casualties. The trick seemed to be the flyline sardine on 30 or 40 pound test. We also hooked some fish on the sinker rig and the chrome jig.

We are on our way home after an amazing chicken teriyaki dinner. It was a great end to our 1.5 day and we had alot of fun with some great passengers.

Captain Armando and Team Searcher