Looking for more options with your tuna?

Tommy the Fish Monger gives us a great recipe for what to do with all the tuna we have caught or is in the freezer. It’s Tommy’s take on a fish taco or a spanish style way to prepare your tuna.


  • Fish (Tuna)

  • Half an onion 

  • Bell pepper *optional

  • Zucchini *optional

  • Hand full of Mushrooms *optional

  • 2tbs Taco Seasoning

  • 1 cup of salsa

  • *Optional torillas or rice


  • 1. Chop vegetables and fish into cubes. (vegetables of your choosing.)

  • 2. Place fish in pan  (cook until no longer pink)

  • 3. Add vegetables cook until tender.

  • 4. Add taco seasoning (couple table spoons) 

  • 5 Add salsa(cup)

  • 6. Enjoy