The time we’ll all been waiting for has arrived! We got the green light for re-opening and our fishing operations will begin this week, just in time to get offshore for some tuna and yellowtail fishing. Thank you for your patience while we waited until we had something to report, and now we suggest that all passengers review these two documents so you can see how we plan to keep you safe with us aboard Searcher. Some things will feel different, but the fishing, crew and our vessel will feel just like you remember.

Procedures for Passenger Safety

Passenger Information on Covid-19 (signature required at check-in)

We have scheduled some open-party trips through Fishermans Landing here:  Fishermans Landing trips on Searcher

For these trips, the landing does all the booking, check-in, and their payment and post-Covid procedures apply.

We will reach out to all anglers booked for our 2020 season just as soon as we can. Land crew are still working remotely. Thank you for your patience!