Art Taylor docked his Searcher October 13 after a seven-day trip with 20 anglers. He tied up at Fisherman’s Landing and weighed the best of the catch. “We went to Guadalupe Island first,” said Art, “and found good sign of tuna there, in 70-degree water, though they didn’t bite very well. We spent our last half-day of fishing at Cedros Island and made a good catch of yellowtail there.”

In his blog October 11, Art wrote, “Yesterday we fished San Benito Island. We arrived there in the afternoon. We had a little action on good size yellowtail in various spots. There was a good sign of fish on all the spots but it didn’t want to bite all that well. “Today we fished the coast south of Cedros and Cedros Island itself. We had great fishing on 12-18 pound yellowtail on yo-yo irons and dropper loops. After lunch we moved up to the lee of Cedros and we had a good bite on those big yellows–25-35 pounds–late in the day. What a way to end our fishing season for 2007 with more of those great fish!”

Searcher winners had a wet homecoming Saturday morning. Joe Preciado of Imperial Beach won first place for a 73.6-pound yellowfin, a tuna he caught with a sardine on a 4/0 ringed Super Mutu hook and 40-pound Big Game line. He said he used a TLD 30 reel and a Sabre 1771-C rod. Mas Kaneko of LA won second place for a 68-pound tuna, and Dale Bunting of Cambria took third place for a 65.8-pound Guadalupe Island yellowfin tuna.