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Hey anglers: We spent today looking offshore, but didn’t find any tuna. The conditions look great–62-63 degree water, blue color, and lots of bait. We’ll... Read More

Hey anglers: Our early morning report from Alijos Rocks is about the yellowtail! We have 12 aboard from the outer banks here and they are... Read More

Hey anglers: The recap on today from Alijos Rocks: 27 yellowfin tuna in the 15-50# range (20 of them are 30-50#) and a few of... Read More

Hey anglers: We’ve had a good morning so far. It started with us seeing jumping tuna and now we have 20 yellowfin tuna aboard. About... Read More

Alijos bound

Hey anglers: We left on our spring 7-day trip yesterday, with high hopes for some good fishing at Alijos Rocks. We are travelling and trolling... Read More

Hey anglers, Our day was spent looking for yellowtail on kelps. We had to work hard for the ones we caught, but we ended the... Read More

Hey anglers, We decided to do some prospecting today by going out 100 miles to the west last night. There is a pocket of warmer... Read More
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