August 15, 2019

Trip Report

Trip 11: 6 day (Aug 10-16) Guadalupe Island

Good morning anglers:       We had a tough morning on the trophy-sized tuna but still managed to wrangle some past the sharks. There were many casualties. Here is John R with his prize after a tough battle. Good afternoon anglers: After battling with the sharks all morning we decided to try our luck at some of the school sized fish off the island.  We had a good showing and caught a few of them. After we got our fix of the smaller grade tuna, we looked at a new area and were greeted with some more nice 25-45lb yellowfin as well as a small sample of 25lb yellowtail.  That wraps up our time here at the Guadalupe Island. Tomorrow we will be looking for kelps on our way to Ensenada. Here is a sample of our catch this afternoon. Captain Mike and the Boys

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