Good morning anglers,

We are on the fish again today.  We have hooked 50-80lb yellowfin.  At about 7:45 this morning we had a massive school of yellowfin swim through us.  They were bitting early this morning.  We’ve had lots of casualties due to the larger grade of fish here and tax mans collecting his share as well. None of this has slowed the catching. The bite has backed off but were still hooking the big ones here.  Mostly sporadic bites  resulting in flurry style fishing making it for an exciting morning.(Flurry is where the bit comes out of no where, and a lot at the same time.)  Here is Ryan and Justin with Randy’s 50+lber. It is Tackle Tip Thursday so here is a hot off the water tackle tip for you. Randy caught this yellowfin on 40lb and a fly lined sardine.  We have caught a couple yellowtail here while we were fishing for tuna. 

Gotta get back out there we just hooked a few tuna.  The fish are biting out here we have a few spots left the rest of the year.  Pretty phenomenal fishing out here right now.

~Captain Mike and the Boys