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Pulsar 360 3-day Charter (Sept 6-9)

Good afternoon anglers,

This morning we found a school of yellowfin that really wanted to bite. We had phenomenal fishing on these 15-25lb yellowfin. Everyone was able to catch their daily limit on our first stop of the day. Here’s an action shot from our stop, everyone had one on. We’re on the hunt for bluefin this afternoon.

Captain Mike and the Boys


Good evening anglers,

We went in the search of bluefin this afternoon after some phenomenal yellowfin fishing this morning. We located some multiple large schools late in the afternoon that would not bite or stick to the boat. At around 530pm we found one. Almost out of bait, this one was our last shot. This one stuck to the boat. They didnt bite right away but eventually we started hooking some 100lb class bluefin. Here is Peter and Coop with a pair of 100lbers that we gaffed after the sun went down. One on the kite and one on fly lined 50lb. Great way to end our trip.

Captain Mike and the Boys

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