Welcome to a segment we are calling “Catching up with Anglers!”

We love to stay in touch with our Searcher family to share 🎣fish stories, recreate the excitement, swap tackle tips, reunite with old friends and maybe make new ones. Let’s catch up with an angler, a special, long-time Searcher family member, Chris Flaxington!

Name:Chris Flaxington
From: La Mirada, CA
Job Title: Logistics manager at T&J Sausage Inc

  • What’s your typical day like?: On  weekdays, I get up for work at 3:00am and go to bed at 11:00 pm.  Spend day at work then go home and take care of my 27 year old handicapped son and then proceed with my late  afternoons. Prior to Covid I used to coach club soccer. With Covid here, Logan and I spend lots of time working on our boat.

  • Share your best tackle tip: My best tackle tip is don’t get caught up in all the hype of new expensive gear. Fish don’t know what make of gear you’re using.

  • Who or what got you into fishing? I truly got into hard core fishing when my neighbor got me into fishing freshwater bass tournaments.  Then I met my wife and she told me if I buy an ocean boat she would go with me.  Well my wife comes from the Midwest.  After I bought a ocean boat and she went out twice. She realized she gets too seasick to ever want  to go again. In the last 18 years she has not stepped foot on my boat.
  • A “must have” in your tackle box is: Must have in my tackle box is, having enough tackle for my kid while we are fishing.  The true must have in my tackle box is basic weights and hooks for bait fishing, I don’t care for all the lures and jigs unless they are the only thing working.
  • Favorite fish dish? Any fish that is fried with lots of vinegar and tartar sauce.
  • What kind of fish is inside your fish taco? Rockfish, Is there any other type?
  • Favorite hobby other than fishing: My other hobby besides fishing is working on boats. I love to install and fabric custom items for private boats.
  • What Searcher trip are you most excited about? The ones I’m booked on!  On the Searecher,  I rate trips all the same from 1.5 days to 8 days as they are all good and I really enjoy hanging with the crew members of the Searcher. So much that I spend more time talking with them then I do fishing on some trips.
  • Favorite fishing memory: This actually happened  on the Searcher trip we did September 2020.  Captain Ryan told Logan he could troll, but Captain Mondo did not know there were any trolling lines in the water. Logan hooked up with a marlin! Captain Mondo tried to turn the boat for Logan and the fish spit the hook. While stopping for the marlin, a school of BF swam under us and no one got hooked up until Captain said  “Ok let’s move.” Then Logan yelled  “Fish on!”  Little did Mondo know that Logan had grabbed his bass fishing rod and ended up hooking into a 38lb BF tuna.  This fish ended up tangling almost every fisherman on the boat and 1.5 hours to reel in the fish. Logan was lucky it was slow day and every fish counted.  
  • Fish you are looking forward to catching: A cow yellowfin once the island opens back up.
  • What motivates you? Watching a plan in action that works!
  • Favorite thing to do in your spare time? Work with my son on his fishing knowledge and watching him become one of the better fishermen around.   
  • Bucketlist fish/fish you haven’t caught but want to? Opah