Hey anglers, We arrived at Guadalupe Island just after lunch and we had a jigstrike on small yellowfin tuna 8-12 pounds. We released most of them. The conditions are great with 71 degree water and what we call “gin-clean” purple water. There was an obvious uphill current which is good for most for spots in the lee of the island. We headed down the lee to some of the traditional spots for yellowfin tuna. Unfortunately we didn’t find any signs of fish in all the spots we tried. There were two other boats that went all the way to the south end of the island with the same results. It was great to have the chance to go to Guadalupe and hopefully with the conditions being the way they are there, will be some good fishing there in the future. With the albacore counts being good today, we decided to head back north to try for albacore the rest of the trip. We will be back in the area before lunch time and hope we can have a good afternoon tomorrow. Capt Art