Haul-out, 2014 complete!

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Hello anglers: We had our most successful haul out in several years. We came out of the water at Al Larson Boat Shop in San Pedro on Monday, Dec 8. We had the bottom power washed, the intake screens taken off and the propellors taken off to be checked and balanced.
On Tuesday both the US Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping inspected the hull internally and externally.  We were required to extract 12 fasteners (screws) from the hull which is a process we go through every five years. The fasteners were in great condition and could have been put back in the hull but we used new fasteners. They only found two deficiencies, which were easily repaired.
On Wednesday the bottom was prepped for paint, a little caulking in the seams, and a few bare spots were sanded. The bottom was painted that afternoon. The props were installed and a coat of Prop Speed was applied to help save fuel.
On Thursday morning after the Coast Guard and ABS came to inspect the deficiencies, we got their blessing to go back in the water. The yard launched us at 11 am. Out total haul-out time was 3.5 days. Wow!

Here’s a short video of the re-launch: http://youtu.be/nsRnS2AHIIk
Capt Aaron and the crew brought the boat back to San Diego that afternoon and arrived at 9 pm. I guess we deserve a pat on the back for taking care of the Searcher really well.
On the inside of the boat we have made some improvements to four cabins in the stern by widening the bunks by six inches. You wouldn’t think that sounds like a lot but it really makes a big difference. For those of you that prefer to be in the stern you will be amazed at the difference. The sink cabinets are new in those rooms as well.
Looking forward to seeing you all in 2015. Don’t wait too long to get your reservation as some of the trips are close to full.
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Team Searcher