Good afternoon,

We made a move last night and got into this local tuna grounds this morning, We didn’t see much until about 11am, but we’ve been drifting ever since.  Very good fly line fishing today on mixed yellowfin bluefin 25-45lbs.  We’re hoping we can stay drifting here. Gotta go!

Captain Mike and the boys

Great catch!

Good evening,

What a day!  We had two stops on this beautiful grade of yellowfin/bluefin mix.  On both stops we had 4-10 fish going and drifted for hours.  Excellent sport fishing. 

Fly lined 30 and 40 lb test was the best way to get a bite.  Some guys were getting bites on the colt snipers and small flat falls as well.  Grease calm weather and biting fish, what more could you ask for?

Captain Mike and the boys

Jesse shows off a beauty