Good morning:

After traveling for two days, we arrived at Alijos Rocks this morning. There is some sign of wahoo and we’ve been scratching at them all morning. There’s also mixed-grade tuna weighing 12-25#. We are trying to figure out where to put the anchor down but have been getting attacked by small tuna everywhere we stop.  Hopefully it cleans up this afternoon as we piece it all together.

Captain Mike and the boys

Congrats Rob!

Good evening,

We scratched up some more wahoo this afternoon.  Then around 3 pm we got the right anchor job, and started picking on the premium 20-30# yellofwin that are here.  We had a good few hours on them and then got charged by the sharks and shut down.

So we pulled the anchor and trolled up a few more wahoo for our day.  The wind came down and but we still have a  big swell here.  We’re going to give it another day before we move on.

Captain Mike and the boys

Great job, Jeff!