Good morning,

We looked at at these big bluefin all day yesterday and never got a bite, even though there was good sign throughout the day.  Then the sun went down and we made them pay. We had good opportunities throughout the night.

Our best time was from 9-11 pm where we had 2-5 going for a few hours.  After that we got a few more shots on the lures.  Then sun came up now and everyone went to bed so we’re going to make a move and see if we can’t find a kelp or some other tuna to fish this afternoon.

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening,

We traveled most of the day and saw lots of kelps with non-biting dorado.  We did scrape up a few.  We got into the local zone and found a good sign of 25-40# mixed yellowfin and bluefin.  They reacted very well but didn’t stick to the boat . Every time we stopped, we hooked a few. Beautiful fish.  We ended the trip right where we started, at the islands fishing yellowtail.

Captain Mike and the boys