Welcome to a segment we are calling “Catching up with Anglers!”

We love to stay in touch with our Searcher family to share 🎣fish stories, recreate the excitement, swap tackle tips, reunite with old friends and maybe make new ones. We thought it would be fun to see how our anglers are holding up and share some of their stories. Let’s catch up with an angler.⁠

Today we have a special, long-time Searcher family member and amazing angler Teresa R.

Name: Teresa Reynoso
From: Long Beach, CA
Job Title: Pediatrician, retired 

  • What’s your typical day like?:  My favorite part of the day is early morning, enjoying that first cup of fresh coffee!  Afterwards reading then planning my sewing projects which are mostly fishing themed such as facial masks, rod covers, tackle bag cover. 

  • Share your best tackle tip:  LISTEN to the captain and crew!!!  They know and what worked in the morning may change in the afternoon or next day.  I’ll watch other anglers for a bit to see what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Who or what got you into fishing?:   My dad fished a few times with friends and took my brother as kids. I didn’t go because dad thought other guys were pretty salty and didn’t want to expose me to that. My college roommate fished with her boyfriend and invited me to Santa Ana Lake and Newport Pier; that’s when I got hooked!!!  My years in med school were too busy but after completing that, WOW!  I fished mostly day or 3/4 day boat in San Diego.
  • A “must have” in your tackle box is: Owner hooks, sunscreen, water bottle.
  • Favorite fish dish?  Fresh Ahi, seared or in poke.
  • What kind of fish is inside your fish taco? I love yellowtail for tacos. I skip the breading and do a quick seat which gives it some crunch.
  • Favorite hobby other than fishing: I love reading, sewing and cooking.
  • What Searcher trip are you most excited about?   The Lady Angler trips!  I’m looking forward to the 6th annual trip in August 2021. It’s a great way to meet other lady anglers, share tips and make new friends.

  • Favorite fishing memory:   My first 7 day out to The Island, Janice and I were the only 2 women. No bites at all until the last day. I was at the stern when Captain Art said : “Boil in the corner “.  I knew my bait was swimming towards the boil when bam!  I got bit!!!  Captain followed me up and down the rail, offering to help if I got tired, telling me “it’s just a fish”.  ME: “ Yeah Art but it’s MY Fish!”  After getting me around the anchor, he gaffed it and I followed him back to the stern where he announced to the guys I brought in a nice BFT with his assist around the anchor and the guys let out the
  • Fish you are looking forward to catching: Wahoo, Ono
  • What motivates you?: My faith, love of my family and friends.
  • Favorite thing to do in your spare time?:  I never had spare time until I retired.  Now I have time to plan our glamping trips and fishing trips!  I’ve always loved attending fishing shows like Fred Hall, and seminars sponsored at Turner’s San Marcos, and picking up great tips from Lori Sachau and Wendy Tochihara!
  • Bucketlist fish/ fish you haven’t caught but want to?:  I’d like to get a 300lb BFT. It would feed all my extended family in the OC!