Afternoon report:

Hello anglers,

We saw plenty of fish today, and had to work hard to get a bite. All the fish were caught at depth of 180 – 240 feet with a heavy torpedo sinker,  50-80 pound test, a circle hook and a live nose-hooked sardine.

The morning was slow even though we saw plenty of fish. But we did land the jackpot fish. Paul C. from San Diego caught a 137 pound bluefin. Then there was a lull until about 3 pm when we found a school of more bluefin. We have been drifting for awhile with a chance to catch another few fish. Here’s Paul with his winner.

Captain Art and Team Searcher


Hello anglers,

We are on the bluefin tuna grounds today. We departed on our first trip of 2020 last night!

We have our first fish of the season as well! Norm Fujimoto from Izorline hooked a fish at daylight using 100 pound test and a torpedo sinker and a live sardine. He definitely had the right gear and it didn’t take long to land the fish. Here is a photo of Norm and his 75 pound Bluefin tuna!!!!!