Good morning anglers,

We woke up to very good sign of 50-80lb bluefin around the boat. We managed to get one on the flat fall at about 5am this morning. Since then we’ve been able to scratch up some more smaller bluefin and yellowfin, as well as yellowtail on kelps. Overall, it’s been very tough to get a bite today. We’ll check back later.

Captain Mike and the boys

Doug and his 70lb bluefin tuna

Good evening anglers,

We had some scratchy fishing this afternoon on kelp patties. And we ran into these big bluefin again this afternoon and had a few opportunities. We hooked a few and only landed two. These fish are very tough to get a bite on. One of them was landed on an old Penn Baja special. Both were caught on the flat falls.

Captain Mike and the boys

This is what a large school of big bluefin looks like under the boat:  40 fathoms of fish. Quite impressive!

And when we’re lucky, we land one of them.