Good morning anglers,

We’ve had some pretty epic fishing here today on mixed grade yellowtail, big bass, big dorado, a big halibut and all sorts of other stuff to go along with it. Fly-ined baits, yoyo jigs and surface irons have been the “go to” for the game fish today.

Captain Mike and the boys

Joe (right) and his 25lb dorado caught while fly lining for yellowtail!

Good evening anglers,

We had an interruption in email for a day, but we’ve been busy! It was pretty epic fishing this all day. Good fishing on mixed grade yellowtail in the 10-20lb range. Lots of big bass came on board, and a handful of halibut.

The best way to catch the yellowtail today seemed to be using the lures. The surface iron and the yoyo jigs were the best way to get a bite. Brochure weather again here today and good fishing.

Captain Mike and the boys

Bob and Rich show off a couple of yoyo yellows!