Good morning anglers,

We slid down the beach for some action and we got it. We had some tough fishing conditions and the yellowtail aren’t too eager yet this morning but we’re scratching some 12-18lb yellowtail. It’s sonar fishing up and down the beach. The best methods have been with the lures, like a surface iron or yoyo lure.

Captain Mike and the boys.

Frank used a Salas 6x to snag this 15# yellowtail

Good evening anglers,

We were able to get a few more yellowtail through the sea lions this afternoon before the wind came up. There is good sign in this section of coast, it’s just tough to fish when it’s windy. We will be looking up the beach tomorrow for some more action before we have to call it a trip.

Captain Mike and the boys

Ben and Ann with a pair of yellows caught on fly line and yoyo lure