Hello anglers,

We’ve had some action on small tuna and better size dorado so far today. We are releasing the small tuna and keeping the dorado. However the small tuna are biting and are lots of fun on light tackle!

Tanner S brought some unconventional tackle with him this trip. He used spinning gear for yellowtail yesterday and did very well. Today he broke out a hand-line similar to what kids might have used back in the day– a coffee can with line wrapped around the outside so they can cast their bait or lure out. Tanner landed a dorado on his version of this outfit with a live sardine.

We are all having a lot of fun this trip!

Capt Art and Team Searcher

Evening update:

We had plenty of action with small yellowfin tuna and dorado associated with kelp paddies. We released the majority of the smaller fish so they can continue to grow. But it was fun catching them on light tackle with poppers, lures and live bait.

We are also continuing to enjoy great weather with light winds and partly sunny skies. We are headed northwest for our last day close to San Diego with hopes for some better size yellowfin tuna.

Yellowtail sashimi and skipjack poke

Today was a seafood day in the galley. We had yellowfin tuna melts for lunch, yellowtail sashimi and skipjack poke for afternoon snack and pasta alfredo with scallops for dinner. Delicious!

Capt Art and Team Searcher