Good morning anglers,

We have had some action here on yellowtail and yellowfin tuna this morning.  We started chasing around schools of yellowfin tuna marked by terns and shearwaters. By mid-morning they started to disappear, so we started kelping our way up towards the bluefin grounds.  We have had some steady action here this morning. 

~Captain Mike and the boys

Here is Jack and Captain Armando with a yellowfin tuna he caught on a flylined sardine.

Good evening anglers,

We scratched away at the yellowtail on kelps all day. We were able to stay busy all day working our way up to this bluefin zone. We finally got up here late in the day and got ourselves a couple shots. We managed to land just a few. We are going back down to the yellowfin zone right now to try again in the morning.

Captain Mike and the boys

Captain Ryan and angler Lou with his 30lb class bluefin landed after biting a fly-lined sardine