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Trip #18 Labor Day Special 3-day (Aug 30-Sep 2)

Good morning anglers,

We had a tough morning of finding biting fish today.  We did manage to scratch up some 20lb class yellowfin and a few trophy bluefin.  Getting a bite this morning was tough. Most of our fish came off a fly-lined sardine on 20lb test. Nick B paid close attention in the tackle seminar and was rewarded with this 100lb class bluefin he caught on a sardine. He used 50lb test with a 6oz torpedo sinker attached with a rubber band.

Captain Mike and the Boys

Good afternoon anglers,

Well it only took three days but we found a school in the 9th inning that wanted to play. It started with 15-25lb yellowfin which bit very well. That soon changed as the bluefin found us. We started hooking 30-90lb bluefin on our light tackle to begin with. After about an hour they started hitting the 50lb fly-lined baits and we started landing a few. Here is Teresa with one of two bluefin she caught on this stop.  

Captain Mike and the Boys

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