Good morning anglers,

We have had excellent fishing on 20-40lb bluefin this morning. They started biting in the grey and have been biting all morning. We have been getting some bites on the 40lb flylined sardine. However most of our fish are coming using lighter tackle such as 25-30lb test and a #1 or #2 circle hook. We’ll check back later.

Captain Mike and the boys

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Accurate’s Jack Nilsen, and grandson Douglas, with a 30lb bluefin tuna caught on one of the outfits Jack brought for everyone to use!

Good evening anglers,

Our steady bluefin action fizzled out, so this afternoon we went in search of some larger models to top off our day. We got a nice sample of the jumbo size bluefin for the few hours we fished them. We hooked a few on the kite and one on 80lb flylined sardine. There was a very good sign this afternoon and they responded well to the bait, so we are excited to see what tomorrow brings. We are currently picking off a few on the flat falls as well.

Captain Mike and the boys

A trio of 120-150 lb bluefin tuna