Hello anglers,

We ended our stay on The Ridge after some action this morning on yellowtail, yellowfin tuna and some bottom fish. Everyone had fun with a chance at variety of fish and different fishing methods.

Many are using a dropper loop set up: 80 pound line, a sixteen ounce torpedo sinker, and a 5/0 J hook with a nose-hooked live sardine. Just go to the bottom and wait for a bite! It’s important to have a snug drag to get that first 20-30 feet of line in, so you get the fish off the bottom. The yellowfin were caught using a live sardine , a 2/0 J hook and 30 pound line. Flyline a bait out to get a bite.

We are headed north today and tonight to try the coast for some more yellowtail to finish the trip.

Captain Art and Team Searcher

Judy and Capt Art with a nice yellowtail landed using a dropper loop